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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wall Streets Voodoo Thief Minds 12 28 2011

Wall Street’s Voodoo Thief Minds 12 28 2011 Excerpt from an Investment book that will never be allowed to be published.

Some of the most successful minds on Wall Street are indeed illiterate.  More than twelve analysts and brokers sat at the large hardwood inlay conference table that was purchased as office surplus from a bankrupt law firm.  Someone handed out a two page single spaced article concerning a company that was under the realm of research coverage.

I read very slowly so that I could understand every detail develop and understanding and awareness of related details.  In other words I thought as I read.  The sales brokers were the first to finish reading and gave glib understandings of what they read.  Platitudes of meaning indicative of glossed over thinking.

Halfway through reading the article I noticed something while I was reading.  Someone else was reading at the same pace as I was.  It was indeed the President of the investment firm- Oliver Nicklin.  I decided to do the old trick I did in grade school to determine who was living off of my soul and I stopped reading and just stared blankly at the pieces of paper in front of me, then I very discretely looked up at the face of Oliver Nicklin, without moving the angle of my head from looking down at the paper.  Old fur ears could not hide the grin on his face that formed just then as he was listening to me think as I read and not actually reading for himself.  Old fur ears was of dependent mind!  And he was the President and founder of First Analysis Corporation, then located on the 96th floor of what was then called “The Sears Tower.”

Thomas Paul Murphy

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PS There are many fur ears that hail from that time in Chicago 1992, and they did not achieve their wealth and power from their own intellects!

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