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Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy Farm Street 10 17 2011

Occupy Farm Street

Be prepared, once occupy Wall Street is done cleansing our financial system of corruption, the farmers are likely to balk at working for our country.  That will be the case so you farmers better build us a nice house next to yours on the farm; with many rooms, because we’ll be coming.

We’ll be coming to help you farm!

We know the oil companies can’t make their “crops” without the commodity markets!  So we’ll be coming to help you farm!  And it will all be organic farming too.

And all those farmers that did not know what to do with all those daughters, so they sent them to the cities to bother us?  We’ll be coming to marry some of them too!  And those we find to be retarded, like they were sired from beastiality- we’ll give them to the evil of the commodity firms for their alternative sacrifice, right?  Once they get their evil kicks by sacrificing them our educational standards will skyrocket again.  Why?  Who needs those diseased monosyllabic minds chanting to us all through the night; can’t be conducive to learning.

And who cares about New York, Chicago or California!  All their profits are driven by stealing souls.  And they are filthy places to live.

And if you farmers want some high priced vacations like the commodity firm/seed firms give you, we’ll give you a ticket to Mexico.  Where you like to go to and you can farm there.  There should be plenty of land, because they all came here to live off the stolen souls like you also do.  I’ve been to enough of your hoe dungs to know what you are about.  You did not respect the earth or people and that is why everything will be taken from you.  But that is okay because you did not respect your fellow small farmer either, when everything was taken from him.

Why the Mentally Challenged are made to be heard.

They are used like door stops to keep the minds of those they are stealing propped open.  Without that doorway kept propped open they don’t understand anything in life or have the capacity to do so.  And just as people are made mentally ill from being exposed to those who keep the doorways propped open so are the mentally challenged created in another step of this process.  So the mentally challenged are indeed used to create more like themselves- mentally challenged.

That is why Hitler denied his roots, there were some that were mentally challenged in them.  He did not understand where they fit into the whole process or he would not have been ashamed of them, he would have been sympathetic to them.

The famers used to sacrifice people on the farms to “make it rain.”  But today they rely on the evil of the commodity trading firms to sacrifice souls for them.  And why do farmers need to sacrifice souls?  Because it makes them feel better about themselves to do so?  Because otherwise without being evil they were too lazy to do the work they needed to?   Farmers had to blame someone when their crops don’t come in?  And they also need the soul of another with them to get their work done?

Slop Trough Headed Retards

So those who were subject to sacrifice in farm country went to the cities to avoid sacrificial persecution.  But what they did not realize was that the city has its evil soul sacrificing of the commodity and financial firms.  And the commodity firms with ties to the farmers as they also produce and sell them seed caught up with those who were facing persecution in sacrifice of soul “to make it rain.”  And there souls are sacrificed in the cities for many forms of “rain.”

You don’t like farming that food for the rest of us when you can’t hurt city folk, you say?  You need a little spark?  How about we enslave you!  Shouldn’t be a big deal.  You liked farming anyway right!  Well now you get to farm every day and not have to worry about money.  We’ll give you everything you need, but you aren’t allowed to harm any city folk.

To be fair about it, I’ll even give you those with the equivalent of an eighth grade education that somehow made it through college.  They will make great farm hands.  This is what you will have to do when oil is denied to the United States.  Job’s?  I’ll create jobs.  The uneducated filth of this world can come and work for your evil lazy ass.  Thanks to Conservatives we have young blacks who roam the city with guns strapped to their waists.  Okay you blacks, you think you are Cowboy’s?  You get to go work on the farm because that is cowboy like.

What is a retard about the equivalent of?  A farm animal!  And you think it is funny for us city folk to hear their howlings all through the night?  Like it was our fault they were created?  You want a stronger economy?  Everyone of you that sired one can take it and leave!

Those who live on the souls of others are not resurrected, because there is no soul to resurrect!  Do the world a favor and if you do not have a soul, do not have children!

And what do we have to do for you farmers today?  We have to clean the water from your shit creeks, rivers and great lakes and give it back to you!  Why?  To make your life easier and you richer!  Is it fair to say that there is no real cause for draught today and because there is no real cause for draught then that, you no longer need to steal souls to make it rain?  Wait there might be massive draughts in the future from the hole burning through the ozone that is created from your false “conservative” stance.  Polluted lakes, Rivers  and Oceans; millionaire farmers we live in the byproduct of your filth and that of the commodity trading firms.  Who not only also trade oil but souls for you!

And to those of you who say this is racism?  No, it isn’t, it exposes the worst form of racism there is, capitalization of the human soul for profit.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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