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Friday, October 28, 2011

Our Nations Health Care Problem 10 28 2011

Our Nation’s Health Care Problem 10 28 2011

This country does not have the discipline to say this is what we should eat.  Discipline requires intelligence.  If we had the discipline we would be a lot more physically and mentally healthy.

Instead we favor capitalized diets.   When you go to the grocery store your good choices of what to put in the cart are outnumbered by more than 11 to 1.  And most people do not know that in order to eat the good choices you have to learn to cook for yourself from basic ingredients that are healthy.  Going to the grocery store is like only being able to choose between two friends; and both are drug dealers.

And what if you do not do the grocery shopping in your family but someone who is addicted to unhealthy foods and cannot discern the good on grocery shelves forces an unhealthy diet on you.  They have the jury on their side in the argument about what they brought home.  And the jury is represented by a factor of 11 to 1 unhealthy versus healthy foods on the grocery store shelves.  You are drawn into sickness with every other American.  Unless you argue and then you live the life of solitude of a hermit bum.

America no longer has the integrity or moral strength of leadership to address problems like this.  Problems like this that have gone on too long and fester our populous.

It is a joke to watch television and listen to them argue about health care costs.

Oh we can’t say that which is good for us, is good for us because it… a one sided conversation between a bright eyed young journalism recruit and a network executive….

“What you said is contrary to our sponsors who are paying for you to sit there and smile and tell America what to do at our next commercial break.  Now if I have to tell you again you are fired!  And I will get someone in hear who believes that the United States consumer can make decisions for himself.  That is the right of the United States consumer to make decisions for himself!  And you better believe that and say what we tell you to!  And you smile when you say it!  I am not paying you to lose sponsors!  You can go work on a public broadcasting station, if you are lucky.  But I will see to it you never work in this industry again!”

Does that sound like someone you can’t stand talking?  It does to me to.  And it is what is controlling us!  And this same we don’t want to offend the “coin fingers” attitude, is present in your daily newspaper.  This is a blight of capitalism.

My point is that things that are good for us cannot be said on television.  And we are not allowed to hear what is not good for us on television either.  It is always negated by the influence of sponsorship.

Buy one of these today.  Makes a great holiday gift for the one you love.

You can quickly and inexpensively make a bottle of soda; in less than one minute! It allows you to be vigilant and gain an awareness of how much sugar is in your soda.  And you will translate this learning into all of your dietary choices.  I have owned one of these for about a year.  It is made by an Isreali company and I believe that it will become the new health conscience fad.  You can also add your own ingredients to the soda after it is carbonated.

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