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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Note to Public School Teachers 12 19 2010

A Note to Public School Teachers 12 19 2010
You were targeted for retirement without a pension.
Our financial system is fluidic, that means the volume of money does not change it just flows to other places opportunistically.
Many of the pensions of teachers were drained to near zero during the last financial crisis.
Two things facilitated this.
1.       Opportunistic thieves who legally try and hide their white collar crimes by making them seem very complicated and then hiding the many trails.
2.      Derivative investments follow that built machinations of profit off the short sale rule.

The short sale rule was the one thing that should have been addressed in the Securities and Exchange Acts of 1933 and 1934.  It was the cause of the Great Depression and not the margin percent.  Without the short sale their would be no margin percent whatsoever so it is an irrelevant distraction to the heart of the problem.

Stock exchanges have never been regulated adequately to prevent them from shorting common stock.
They say they need to do this, sell short, in order to maintain a market in common stocks. This is not true, the real reason is that this machination is the siphoning source of all their wealth and profits.
The people who run these trading desks are not as educated or intelligent as your might think.  They more or less have the xxxxxx   xxxxx of a carnival barking gypsy who can easily guess your age.
If you have a child who completes a test in the same manner as a student that sits next to them whose paper is covered this is them too.
I am not going to get into their origin in this article.  I will say this, they have assured that their livelihood is independent of our economy, if it fails.  In doing so they have intentionally or not siphoned the education system of this country.  The reason they targeted it is because they do not learn in the same manner as tradition dictates and school is an insult to their egotistic being.
Bottom line- we need a financial system that does not allow for the anti-American shorting of common stock.
The so called “Experts” will pull your teeth to fight this, they might even try and stand up and fling the checker board and pieces of our financial system into and air of chaos.  But it is not as complicated as they would make it seem.
We need to go to the system of reserve shares I outlined in an article on my politics website.
Those who do not truly have the same high standards and values as you are indeed the same ones who would limit your freedom so that you are not a competitor of theirs.

And the stock brokerages should not be free to decrease the stock market value of corporate America to the point where it  ( a company or a country as a whole) no longer has the collateral to borrow when needed.
Do not let the financial system of this country also compromise its collateral and that is our good teachers.  If a teacher, superintendent or school board member seems to fit this negative profile above do not be afraid to raise a stink and write a report about them.
Evil exists when not only good men but good women fail to act.

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Thomas Paul Murphy
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