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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Good Teachers A Platform for Teaching 12 19 2010

Good Teachers- A Platform for Teaching 12 19 2010
You will find that those who wear the masks of class, wealth and status are nowhere near as smart as a good teacher of any level.  Do not be afraid to ask questions as thrive when you stop doing so.
Bad students, you cannot make them wear a dunce hat but you can try and encourage understanding and thinking by trying to relate to their home life.  But seek not to do this in what might promote bad behavior, in other words do not glamorize bad situations.  In a word they are raised irresponsibly or neglected.
So you can teach from this point of view of understanding but they are only a small percentage, so do not teach them to the detriment of the rest of the class, but be cognizant of how things are understood at their level. In doing so you might find a way whereby all in the class learn faster.
Acting and intent tasks in life culminate in whether a country is a leader or a worldly antagonist.
Because a child is a child, but a bully is indeed a bully no matter what age.  It is out of desperation they become this way.  Defeat the older ones and there are fewer younger ones.
Evil likes to skew the checkerboard or fair playing field of competition .  Maintain high standards for yourself and lead by example.
Do not be afraid to say an adult is causing a distraction to the learning and education system. 
Once in a country you are of that nationality.  Immigrants to Ireland before the potato famine were then classified as Irish.  We are all Americans.  The failure of the education system would be the first step that would lead to a genocide of………….Americans.
Thomas Paul Murphy

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