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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Skyscraper design that should be Mandated

A Statue of Liberty, Freedom or the Leaning Tower of Pisa?  You decide what this country should be!

As I sat and watched the CNN news this morning the thought occurred to me that I have not seen new building to go up in place of the twin towers.

And after I watched the neighbor lady who had the first short hair cut that I have seen her have in her life supervise her husband as he screwed in a new light bulb for this porch I got this idea.

The top of this building has cylinder like fan blades that turn electrically producing turbines below to produce electricity.  The Chambers are full of air in this case and this is symbolic in more than two ways.

1.  Over the last fifty years we have gunning down our environment to the point whereby at some point in the future it might not be capable of sustaining human life.  The bullet chambers are now empty and this gun should not be refilled with more ammo.

2.  Our fight in the United States must now be to preserve the environment, water, air and ground.  That is why the gun is pointed to the ground.

3.  The United States has pointed its gun against foreign nations for far to many years.  I now what you are going to say, that we have every right to pursue economic interests with foreign nations.  But after awhile no one likes those people who elbow their way around everywhere.  Sooner or later we just wish those "guests" were gone. Our fight is now at home and that is where this empty gun is pointed.

4.  The empty chambers of this "Gun" are wind turbines, this states the United States ability to roll with the changes and indeed change for the better.  The United States needs to roll with the changes.

I have actually seen these types of turbines are commercially available and produced by a company.

Notes to diagram:
Windmill skyscraper
Electricity producing turbines
Clean energy leading to less war
Fan blades symbolically cooling off the situation in the world.
If the leaning tower of Pisa was of this architecture would it have leaned?
The chambers are like those of a thirty eight special handgun, if we put on of these up in New York it will be symbolic for all New Yorkers to turn in their hand guns to a dispensary and live in peace.
This Gun is Pointed in the safest direction.
The symbolism is indeed in more than two ways and therefore it is MULTIPLICITOUS,  (new word with meaning  of revelation?)

This architecture is feasible, sound and should be mandated on all new skyscraper constructions in the United States.

God Bless Those Who are Given a Second Chance and Make the Most of It

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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