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Friday, January 7, 2011

A Litmus Test for Scott Walker 01 05 2011

A Litmus Test for Scott Walker 01 05 2011
Scott you wanted so bad to be Governor.  Now that you are Governor you ask for input in terms of Job creation.  Your focus seems to be on the private sector.  Well I have found just the opportunity for you to create job growth.
When I was a young boy, between thirty five and forty years ago I used to go fishing on the shores of Lake Michigan.  Every twenty feet or so there was a man casting a spinning reel from shore with a spoon on the end.  And it did not matter where in Milwaukee County you went you would see this.  They were casting at the beaches off of McKinley Marina, they were casting off of Atwater Piers, they were casting off of big bay shores and the pier, they were casting off of Klode Park and they were casting off of Doctors Park shores and piers.  Now they were not casting for no reason like you might be considered to do if you were casting in these same spots today.  There was a very good chance that you might catch a fish.
I walked with my father who didn’t know how to fish either and an Italian man showed us his Spinning Rod and Reel with a Little Cleo spoon on the end of the line.  I watched him cast and saw how it worked.  My father bought me one from Sears and Roebuck and I was in the business of fishing from shore.  It was fun and exciting and I enjoyed it.
Scott what has changed since the mid 1970’s?  For one the water is a lot shallower here.  It does not take a genius to figure out why this is.  What am I talking about you ask?  I will tell you.  Every time there is a rainfall this water along the shore is filled with dirty brown runoff water.  When the particulate runoff then enters the water it is now called silt.  Where does this silt end up? I’ll give you a hint; it does not flow in some river magically through the Saint Lawrence Seaway and out into the Atlantic Ocean.  It collects on the bottom like dust that someone swept under the rug.  And the water gets a lot shallower.  This silt is also contaminated.  That is why you don’t want to go swimming in it after a rainfall; you are likely to end up in the hospital with an infection.
What has caused this layer of silt to form?  I will tell you it is the accumulation from years of Republican Influence in our country that feels politics should have nothing to do with clean water, air and earth.  These types want to believe in the Old Testament that, “The land is yours to do with as you please.”  What happens when we are all left to live in an environment that is incapable of supporting human life?  It is the end of the human race.  You should think of a healthy fish population along the shore line as the litmus test for how healthy our planet is both now and in future generations to come.  This should always be a litmus test for the health of our environment.
This country had high power solar cells one and a half inches in diameter in the 1970’s that could power a small motor that could spin a small propeller blade.  Development and scale up of this technology was frowned upon in favor of the, “I will be the one to use up all the oil before it is gone.” Attitudinals.
What I would propose that you do is have the shores of Lake Michigan dredged to make it deeper and indeed more like it was in the 1970’s.  The theory of how lakes become swamps states that slowly and little by little over time they become shallow as they fill with silt.  In the terms of the natural history of Lake Michigan the water filled in with silt to become more shallow faster than one could have ever predicted.  This shore needs to be dredged deeper.
And before or after you are doing this you need to think of what to do with the silt that you will have dredged.  This is a concept in business that is known as the duplicitous thought and use of byproducts of production.  In other words as the Indians made use of every animal they killed, we in business and job creation must also seek to find a “utility” for all the waste we create.  What can we make from silt?  As it contains fine silica from runoff it might be a good source for the raw material of photovoltaic panel, polysilica.  In effect we could go back in time and fix two problems at once.  Clean the water and develop a clean and renewable source of energy.
Also in order to be proactive, and I will tell you what that means, it means that when you fix one problem you do not cause another or make the fix you did readily flawed so that it has to be re-fixed.  Being proactive means you fix it right the first time and it is indeed a true solution.  As you begin your political career as Governor of Wisconsin keep this tenet in mind in every decision you make, it will not only help you think better but it will also give this state a better future and set a better example for the rest of the country.  What does this mean?  It means that after the Lake bottom is dredged along this shoreline, runoff silt is never allowed to compromise this natural resource ever again.  It would have to thus be captured and utilized.
God Bless Those Who Make Meaningful Contributions to Society from Their Public Service

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy
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