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Friday, January 21, 2011

Sources of Polluted Water Runoff 01 21 2011

Sources of Polluted Water Runoff 01 21 2011
How come we cannot fertilize our crops with human waste when we do already?  What am I talking about?  Every time there is an above average rain the sewers overflow and end up in Lake Michigan the source of our drinking water.  What else am I talking about?  The water treatment plants only then sell the waste they filter out of the water we drink back to the farmers and growers as fertilizer anyway.
To address non source point water contamination has been a hard issue to address.  As city streets are paved and most farms have creeks that eventually find their way into our rivers.
The way to address the paved non source point runoff is to require cars to have tires that are considered more durable and also to make cars that put forth less emissions.  But it is not just that, the automobile of today has unspent fuel from the tailpipe, antifreeze, motor oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid  and transmission fluid, battery acid and brake dust asbestos.  All of these “leak” and are toxic to human health.  This country needs to take the initiative to make these as safe as something like cooking oil.  Following the correct path often has many unforeseen benefits.
In terms of farm based non source point runoff, we need to develop and promote farming methods that do not create this runoff.  Do not worry about the farmers as there are very few left and the ones that are left are most likely millionaires.  They get paid vacations to places in the tropics for promoting the “seed” of the trading companies.  These same trading companies are also heavily involved in commodities trading, and they churn honest Americans of their hard earned paychecks meant to invest and grow.  Investing was not created to be the gamble that it is today for most investors.  And to the contrary if investing in commodities were a true gamble you would have seen these firms end up on the wrong side of the investment and bankrupt a long time ago.  It is not a gamble for them because they can always get more financing as was the case for our nation’s banks.  In effect you pay when you invest and lose and you also pay as a taxpayer when they lose.  It is a no win situation.  Commodities are only a gamble for the individual investor and the odds are very slim or him/her.
We produce too much food already, average American in obese and stupid.  We produce so much food that we give it away to other countries.  Tell me how the price of food is going to triple when we give it away already and the average farmer today is a millionaire?  Your argument will read like this one did circa 1989, “If we don’t invade Iraq we will see three dollars a gallon gasoline.”
As for the price of food I would like to go into a grocery store and stiff arm or close line half the stuff on the shelves into the garbage today.
Chemicals that we use in laundry need to be safe too and there are efforts to do this but the ones I used took all the color from my clothes away.
How hard would it be for every American to have a septic system tank for his toilet waste?  If you go out to farming country you will see one of these behind every house.  Because it was too expensive to put in a sewer to handle this and because they do not want their water table contaminated.  Why is it that those of us who live on the shores of Lake Michigan do not care about what should be considered our greatest natural resource.
Back to Farm Runoff
Eliminating this can be done today but you will never see anyone in our public office who is strong enough to agree to do it.  You may not want to agree to do the right thing for everyone else but if you loved your wife and children you would.  What could happen if we do not, the planet would no longer support intelligent human life.  What you will see first will be animals that look like people and then none.  The human race likely developed its intelligence from caring and a caring for cleanliness.  If you believe in evolution and I do not, it can be said that cleanliness it is through the cleanliness and the caring of cleanliness of others that we differentiated and evolved through natural selection.  Let me be very clear about this.  It is very hard to clean out what is in our bodies that should not be there and it is the major source of disease.  Because no one wants to do anything about it we may someday not be able to differentiate ourselves from animals in terms of intelligence.  And believe me Satan does not care because he/she already has the intelligence of an animal.
And that is where I will end this article with you thinking of the term, “Strong enough to agree to do the right thing.”

Thomas Paul Murphy
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