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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our Metabolisms Response to Sickness 01 19 2011

Our Metabolisms Response to Sickness 01 19 2011
Where are these toxic chemicals stored when they enter the human body?  In the fat cells.  That is why when overweight people try and lose weight they get sick.  Why?  Because as they are using the fat from the fat cells up during exercise the toxic chemicals that were cocooned by the body in fat cells re-expose themselves to the body’s metabolism and bloodstream.  Your body did not know what to do with them in the first place because they did not belong there.  How many people get fat as a means for the bodies mechanism to protect from what they eat in the first place?  So, the more you eat the more you have to eat in order to protect yourself from what you eat, and the fatter you get.
I have to ponder and ask myself the philosophical question, “Do we store what we profited from in the bodies of those we sold to?  As if we have marked them when we have profited from them?”
The other day I saw a politician dancing in victory with his wife who was more endearing than a Walt Disney rat.  It warmed my heart to see how this man loved his wife and her him.  The contradiction I saw also offered hope to me that someone who would seem to have a regressionary political agenda might be able to re-embrace the values of this country that his political party has made vacant.
At the gym last night I saw a man who did not have any arms.  He wore a short sleeved shirt.  I could see that he did have some form of fingers sticking out of his shoulder, so it was indeed due to a birth defect.  I asked myself, “If these types of birth defects where present in our history what could we could we attribute the source of them to?”  I could only think of one thing, “A person drinking contaminated water.”  The kind you might find downriver from where someone might go to the bathroom.   It could also be caused by other forms of bacterial and viral influence on the developing embryo.  Is it not too far of a leap of logic to say that we have created more of these contaminants in our modern world than even the most accomplished scientist could portend or “pretend” to understand?  Are these like a fuse that could lead to the extinction of the human race?  It takes courage to stand up for what you know is right.  To speak your mind in the face of wealth creation that oppresses.

In the locker room with his mentally challenged son.  The sons face was kind of overcast.  The father appeared to have everything, nice clothes, etc.  I asked myself, “What might have this father lost in his quest for wealth and power.”  The answer was quite simple.  The answer I saw in his son standing right next to him.  Whatever he had he lost the ability to pass it on to his next generation.  And in his quest for wealth and power, “WE LOST THE ABILITY TO DRINK FROM THE WELL.”
I have to stand up in the locker room to change for fear of sitting on the stool and getting a fungal infection of the crotch and seat.  An infection that can also travel upwards and populate a person whole digestive track.  What happens when this happens?  A person goes into a stupor and also gains weight.  Because not only are they feeding themselves but also the fungus inside of them.
The man with the mentally challenged son thought he was tough, he through his sons headphones on the floor, as if to say, “We can eat off the floor and we will be fine.  Germs are not the cause of our problems it is people like him there.”
I am forty four years old and it is only recently that I have learned to adopt the advice a nun gave my father when he was a boy. “When you have trouble just ejaculate.”  Ejaculate means a sudden outburst of speech and it is good for you.  Like all good things in life evil changes the definition of them so that they are not good for you.  (Gay is another one of these words.)  But here is what my ejaculate consisted of in response, “Why don’t you just make him eat off the floor.”  The man continued to act a little huffy so I followed with, “Eat the Plato poison to wise one.”
Can people indeed be blinded by greed?  Can they also blind us with their greed?  The man’s son’s eyes tell me this is true.
After I was done at the gym I went to the office supply store to buy a plastic container to hold my photographs in.  I have been holding them in cardboard box under the table next to my chair.  But coffee spilled off the table and some of them stuck together.  While I was at the office supply store a man came in shopping with his wife.  They split up and didn’t think that I would realize this.  The woman proceeded to follow me all around the store as if to pose in front of me.  I could hear the short man who looked like a sick badger taunt me from an isle over.  Needless to say I had a few sudden outbursts while I was in the store.  These are the kind of outbursts our New America want to label and disempower you for.
On my way home from the store I pondered why a woman would marry a man who could not provide for her.  I also wondered why do people like this always think that the source of their problems is always outside of the two of them.  It is the nature of irresponsibility.  Needless to say if you are ever bothered by a couple like this the best sudden outburst to say is, “I know who makes the money in that family.”  I do not look at those that I say these things to for two reasons. 1.  They have been told these things all their lives and never listened respectfully once.
2. When I have looked at them I have often seen that they start crying.  When I see someone crying I feel like crying too.  If I am crying too, their spoiled distraction has worked.
And indeed earlier at the gym a large white man was with his young blonde wife.  I almost knocked shoulders with this man.  And they were making a scene to draw attention to themselves and distract everyone else from getting their money’s worth of workout.  I waited until they were together again and just let it fly, “I know who makes the money in that family.”  The muscular tough face man held his composure and walked out of the gym and was not seen again.  His wife scampered after him a little later.  Was I disrespectful?  No, I did not start that.  And children in our classrooms today should be able to learn free from distraction also.  And they should not be ostracized for asking the teacher questions that he or she cannot answer.
When I went to bed at night I realized that sometimes “Hops” pills have given me a more restful sleep.  Hops is the grain that is added to beer to give it more flavor.  I know this because before I gave up alcohol altogether I brewed the best beers that I have ever tasted.  I then pondered philosophically again, “Do the hops extract pills work because they fool the evil spirits into believing that I am passed out drunk?”
I am going to get philosophical one last time in this article but this time with rhetoric, “Do you think our politician would love his wife more if she was more healthy?”

Thomas Paul Murphy
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