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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Time Released Poison Activated By Exercise 01 19 2011

A Time Released Poison Activated By Exercise 01 19 2011
My High School chemistry teacher was Miss Mitchell.  She was overweight and had what I can only accurately describe as a PMS attitude, “Snapping at students for asking good questions?”  Like, “Why do they put all those chemicals in the diet soda?”
“Because they are good for you.” She was her battle axed response in what would become litany of such responses that semester.  She bragged about how she had applied to be on the space shuttle mission.  “This woman has no business in space!  She’s no astronaut I thought to myself.”  It wasn’t too long after that, that we watched the space shuttle Challenger flare fuel out of a hole in its rocket engine and corkscrew until the hole became so big that it blew up.  It was a good thing that she wasn’t accepted on that mission but rather fatefully the young chain drinker of diet soda died not too long after that of a heart attack.
Her nickname was Bubbles.  When the body has toxins that it cannot get rid of they are stored in our fat cells.  That is why it is so hard for people to lose weight.  Because once they start to lose weight they are re-exposed to the toxins that the body has cocooned with fat.  Your body was not able to flush them out the first time so you become sick upon re-exposure.  And once you become sick from exercise you are not likely to repeat it.  In effect the thing that is the most healthy for you actually makes you sick.  But indeed you only have one choice and that is to exercise and when you do you have to supplement yourself to counteract the “Because they are good for you” supplemental toxins in your food and body.  I am not going to go into details about this.  I did mention a list of items available over the counter that bind to the toxins so that your body can flush them from your system on my health secrets website.  But for this article I am getting at the heart of the issue and that is the toxins in our environment.  This includes tobacco smoke, alcohol, food additives and the polluted air and drinking water.  These are issues that our government needs to address.  If we address these you would be surprised to find out how quickly the rest of the world would abandon their wars and instead watch us lead in example.  (Rather than watch us torture Arabs in an example of leadership)
A wild animal is unlikely to attack you.  But there are many reasons why they sometimes do.  For example a bear eating fermented berries.  A bear might also eat something from a dump that has a toxin in it that alters their brain chemistry in such a way that they attack too.  And of course there is the Rabies virus that makes them “violent”.
Can people be blinded by greed?  Can a father and son both be blinded in such a manner?  A father and son, that is the start of a group.
Japan is noted in the history of the world as having been one of the biggest dumpers of Mercury into environment.  When did this dumping occur?  It occurred in the years and decades preceding World War II.  Can Mercury poisoning be attributed to the Japans surprising attack on the United States at Pearl Harbor?  Can we also attribute suicide the suicide kamikaze bombers from Japan as being sickened from this Mercury poisoning.  Is this not the same destructive behavior as an animal with rabies exhibits? 
Can it be said that these toxins are also influencing behavior in other parts of the ocean they were near such as Korea?  The three legged frogs and birds falling dead out the sky are telling me this is true.
Where did Sadam do with all the chemical weapons the military intelligence of the United States funded him to make?  They were burned, destroyed or buried.  Who made money from the sale of these chemicals to Iraq?  That one is rhetorical.  What happened to the environment in the Middle East during the Persian Gulf War.  Saddam sheared the well heads and flared the oil into the atmosphere, black billowing smoke.  The chemical weapons were incinerated, more fumes into the Middle East air.  Chemical weapons buried in the ground, that is where the water table is.  What then happened a decade later?  We saw the incidence of nation of alkiada (Sp) emerge with the mentality of rabid animals.  As if the Opium they smoked wasn’t enough to make them dangerous they now were influenced by all these other unnatural chemicals whose profits fueled the “Post WWII Culture of the United States”.
Where will these time released chemicals strike next?  I’ll give you a hint.  There are many Americans that are overweight.  If hard times ever fell upon this country and they were forced to physically work hard to earn a living, and I mean sweat like you do picking cotton in the fields.  They would be dropping like flies or sinking their psycho sharpened teeth into everyone around them in the field.  That is only if they do not seize political power as they have today and start another Kamikaze war.
Many times in my life fatty cysts have formed in my body?  They are like little hard nodules of fat under the surface of the skin.  I have gone to the doctor and the response is always the same, we usually don’t remove those.  Am I lucky in that my toxins in my metabolism are stored in cyst form rather than generally dispersed in layer upon layer of fat cells?  Yes. If these fatty cysts containing what I have termed cocooned toxins were removed from my body as well as others in our population would we not be healthier?  If the government were to actually regulate what the American diet of pollution should be would we not be healthier and smarter?
In other words should the health care system of the United States prevent such cysts from forming or remove what it has allowed to sicken us from our bodies?
What do we do when our government promotes cysts?  What do we do when what is supposed to be the intelligent organ of countries leaders, their brains, are the equivalent of such cysts?
Do we need to regulate farms so that the productive farming methods that pollute the world and give us cheap food are now more labor intensive?  Sounds like the best idea for creating jobs that I have thought of all week, other than dredge or rivers and Lake Michigan of their toxic sludge bases.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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