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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Reading the Tea Leaves 11 07 2015

Reading the Tea Leaves 11 07 2015

Oh look what I know about him already!” the young woman said to her friend.

Like it or not that is why many tribes and races keep their women working very very busily.

The human being response to that should always be,

“Next time you read the Tea Leaves make sure you correctly read what that person is going to say and think about you!”

The spoiled pups want to wear your clothes as their reality; but once they realize what a legitimate human being thinks about them it is terminally depressive for them! They wish they NEVER read the tea leaves or were raised as a primitive person!

But out of futility for not being a man, all they can do is joke about what one really is! It is a mal-adaptive coping and it isn't cute; it is a big warning sing if you are a member of their family or someone that might think you want to marry them!

Those who read the Tea Leaves (regressive trait) will NEVER be able to cope with what a real human being thinks about them! Hence zombify that mind and give it a professional sounding name like psychiatry (last line of page illegible.) (continues as)~ not the big wussy gang.

Lavern did you read what real people think about you? Make sure what to read what real people think about you!” ~in the Tea Leaves!

One they “read” about what real people think about them it is downhill to Golgotha all the way! All the way!

The gestalt of this would make excellent lyrics to a song.


Related philosophy; every homosexual is likely a tea leaf reader??


If you hear voices that distract, disrupt, cloud, disable your ability to think SINCERLY believe me when I tell you, “Look you ARE the TEA LEAVES! And you CAN WIN!” “You are the Future!” (Not the Tea Leaf readers of you!) You are blessed to be a normal human being among VYING primitives!

Because you are the Tea Leaves themselves you are empowered!

(Off topic: George Bush had to speak in metaphors about his son's presidency because he was afraid of how his adult son would feel if he really knew what he thought about him!)


This harmless ink, your true thoughts, this freedom of speech dis-empowers and kills them faster than bile digests vegetables!


On those who marry a Tea Leaf reader.

You think they have stolen all the good women and live the good life? It isn't too soon before they sleep in their own separate beds because of their wives getting tired of listening to them cry themselves to sleep out of inescapable shame, after their nightly high test drink!


Cognitive Countermeasure: Use your mind to internally verbalize these thoughts when the voices attack you, “No one wants to hear your mousy voice!”

The gist of this article is about a primitive woman who reads your tea leaves and THEN struts around like she knows everything in the world and in order to maintain that delusion she has to believe that you are nothing more than cemetery dirt!

Once they read what the Tea Leaves (legitimate human beings) really think about them life isn't so good any more; for them.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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