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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

On Republicans 11 10 2015

On Republicans 11 10 2015

They are in Milwaukee today to debate for President.  Last time it was all about Romney.

But the question is, If Romney was such a great guy for the U.S. why was he using a bank in the Cayman Islands where Gambling Casinos are located?

I mean Republicans populating the banking industry.  National pride in our Financial system.  Legitimacy.  Why weren't U.S. banks used?

Then I need to know, who owns those Casinos?  You would have to read through trust paper and trust paper and likely never get to find out who the owners are?

I am asserting Gambling money is laundered as Investing success!

And what do I remember about Romney?  His eyes flash blankly when asked a question as if he is a tall dumb blonde woman.  His wife is blonde by the way.  Not making any connections there or insinuations.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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