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Friday, November 27, 2015

Humor 11 27 2015

Humor 11 27 2015

"He was a little off.  He looked at you like a lumberjack who didn't know you weren't a tree."

Thomas Paul Murphy
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A lot of Germans have that look about them.  Some French and Slavic too.  The word Ger in Hebrew means strange, so Ger-man means strange man.  The word Slavic comes from slave!  Very interesting in history that the slavics ended up with a communist form of Government?  They were not able to advance beyond that.

Now here is a test for History professors can you draw a picture using words of what the difference between a Norman, a Huegonaugt, Visigoth, etc is?  And as you read history there were many ethnic groups of people that formed like that which got in trouble.  And indeed there were waves of cannibalism in Europe.  Some immediately preceding and during WW2.  Something to be very wary about if marijuana is legalized. By definition the rich own everything.  When drugs are legalized they will be high all day and those businesses will not be functioning.  Banks won't be open and you won't be able to buy food.  In a nutshell we all (middle class)  starve if marijuana is legalized.  And the rich do indeed use the lower class as a weapon against the middle class!  We are seeing it with failed immigration policy.

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