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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Humor: The Adult Woman's Cheerleading Club 11 12 2015

Humor:  The Adult Woman's Cheerleading Club 11 12 2015

This would be for women who have had trouble making the transition from teenage years into responsible adulthood.

Instead of groups forming lobbying for mothers to be able to smoke pot; what if they formed cheerleading groups and had contests judged by men?

Even though they are married they don't seem to really know what to do with themselves?  You see them dressed up in leotards and trying to look hot for absolutely no reason; that isn't what being a married mother is about.

So what if they had groups that could allow them to validate themselves?

Perhaps they might even wear High School like cheerleading uniforms to a Jazzercise session at a health club? 

Maybe the session leader would hand out pom-pom's?

Oh and those certain men would be looking at them again through the window wouldn't they!

You know, something to make them feel good about themselves again; rather than alienated in the adult world.

So if a woman pretends to be single when she is married isn't it really a sign that she isn't happily married?  That and the high divorce rate doesn't seem to validate capitalism.  And of course getting a divorce is not stressful to the emotions whatsoever is it.

It is a real shame because men get to play non professional baseball and basketball in adulthood but there is no cheerleading for the women!

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