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Monday, November 9, 2015

The Pyramids as a Defense Structure against a Magog Attack 11 09 2015

The Pyramids as a Defense Structure against a Magog Attack 11 09 2015

If you wanted to colonize new lands full of half human beasts what would you need?  You would need a defensive structure to use as your advantage.

I have seen staffs with curved ends on them in Egyptian pictures? (Shepherd's Hooks!)  What would they be used for?  To hook a shorter Magog around the front of the neck with and hold it to the edge of a pyramid tier while they are strangled or someone smarter on a higher rung directs a fellow warrior to bash in their head.  Or once you had a Magog hooked by the neck then you reach down and stab it through the eye socket into the head!

You would also want to sleep on those stair steps because they would assure you more security!  Also it is much quieter the higher you get?  Have you ever been to Holy Hill?  What do beasts do?  They howl just as the Dead Sea Scrolls tell us!

You would have been taller than a Magog because you evolved to walk on two feet first.  Also because drugs like alcohol and tobacco cause birth defects which usually means shorter stature.  You evolved to walk on to feet first so that you could see danger approaching from a distance!  Which is essentially what a pyramid structure is also built for!  As such it is the essence of humanity and the human race!

The persons at the higher end of the structure would be there because they were smarter and better able to direct the lower level persons in war.  The human race would not have survived unless the smarter were elevated.   Why not?  Because any other way and the species differentiation from the beast would be lost!  The human race is based on meritocracy not limited liability!  The smarter of your tribe would be blessed and you would indeed worship them as the blessed ones.  The Jewish religion means worship of the blessed one (even though it doesn't today)?

And yes they might have launched gliders from the pyramids.  But they would not have needed any alien race to instruct them on how to make a glider.  Things like that are intuitive to the normal human race that learns through trial and error with an emphasis on safety in trial and error.  We don't build cars with faulty switches imported from a Magog country and pocket the money as the sons and daughters of the human race are killed in them.

The Shepherd's hook.  Lets say that you had a lesser race of human beings that you were put in charge of watching over.  Why would you need a Shepherd's hook?  To wrap it around their neck when they are raping or emasculating a member of the human race or fellow Magog, someone and break that neck with it as fast as you can?  In doing so you are setting an example of what it means to be human and what it doesn't mean.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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