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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Why they are ganging up on black people 11 12 2015

Why they are ganging up on black people  11 12 2015

When you hate yourself for a reason you can do nothing about you project that hatred onto other people.

If I don't like a black person I don't like a white person equally for that very same reason!

It amounts to self preservation?  If it were just all white people then there would be white people we don't like to fill the void of blacks we don't like?

The only solution is justice to both blacks and whites.

There are just some things we cannot tolerate as human civilization whether they are white or black.

And it does seem that black people don't seem to get it when they are sentenced?

I never want a criminal organization headed by white people victimizing black people in any way shape or form.  I never want whites recruiting blacks at lower levels of a criminal organization.  I hate that!  It needs to be cleaned up!

There is a lot I don't like about white and black people and it has nothing to do with their skin, it has to do with their cognition and being disrespectful to other people because of that.

And you know from reading my articles that I have some big issues with white people!  And you know what the bad white person likes to do?  He likes to bring in black people in hatred of whites on a small scale!  That is his way of diverting his personal problems in weakness? 

That's it!  A bad white person thinks he is reforming blacks by making bad people out of them?  The bad white person has his own little this is how it really is construct he likes to sell to black people?  I hate that!

It is like instead of correcting a bad behavior you befriend the bad person and direct the bad behavior onto good people?  It is weakness and not strength?  Is it the weakness out of defeatism because you know you can't teach that person anything anyway?  So you attempt to get on their level?  But when you do you were really on that same level all along weren't you!

So instead of forming good communities you form ones based on demonization?  And then you believe you should be highly rewarded for that?  For acting on weakness?

Perhaps it is like this the bad white person wants the good white person to hate black people instead of himself the bad white person?  Hence he establishes negative expectations with the black people as if those negative expectations are really the standard of society?

And I am not articulating this exactly how it should be but I think you understand.

Show the black person you have commonality with them in inability to learn rather than try and teach them because you couldn't learn so you can't teach?  And make them believe because you are that way it is really the standard of how everyone is?

Now this can indeed be thought of as a bad connection between the black community and the white community?

I like to believe in equality.  However that bad white person likes to maintain a stereotype and force it on black people in order to hide his own identity?  The black person believes the bad white person is standard when he isn't?  He is pandering to a low level to find commonality?

But sometimes you can't find anything in common with a coworker who has a bad attitude.   And when they have that bad attitude they really don't care if anyone knows about it?  And you have no commonality with that either. 

But perhaps as a white person we know when another white person is a little slow and always will be.  But when confronted with a slow black person we view it as bad attitude?  For some reason we don't see it as slowness in a black person but just stubborn bad attitude?  No that isn't it, we know bad attitude in a white person too!  So indeed it is just bad attitude in a black person.

Should more white people be in those low paying jobs that black people are in?  Without a doubt!  And our country suffers because bad white people are promoted to positions they don't belong in! 

So we have upward mobility of white people who don't deserve it.  And not upward mobility of white people who do deserve it.

Is Bernie Sanders pandering to black people with his legalization of marijuana and gun control?  Yes.  And what issue is that avoiding?  That there are incompetent people in this country who jeopardize our freedom because of it!  So take away their rights rather than put forth measures whereby no more incompetent people are created?  But they don't believe that could be done otherwise they would have tried it.  Which really means they don't believe they can change.  Which means that they don't believe in themselves.  I got news for you, neither do I believe in you!  And for that very reason!  Do you see how I flushed out that logic?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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Now I consider myself a strong minded person.  What if I had been the only white at a black school?  Would I have some sort of personality weakness defect because of it?  Would I have been warped?  To tell you the truth I would doubt I would even be alive today if I had been the only white at an all black school because of the way I think and what I believe in; myself.  So what I am talking about is reverse racism!  And I get it all the time from black people.  However I get it from white people too!  Why?  Because they are not of the independent cognition human race?  And what am I getting at?  Genetics determining what type of Government is best for you and where you should move to because of it?  My genetics conform with the U.S. Constitution.  However many white peoples and black peoples do not.  So you say we must change law to correct it?  You can do that but it can't be legitimately done.  And once you do that who is going to save you?  There will be no country with stated integrity left on earth that can save you.  But I can see that you don't believe that could ever become an issue!  To me it is the sign of a mental defect that you can't figure that out!  The thief can never believe there is no honor among thieves because if he were able to believe that he would not be a thief in the first place?  So the fate of the thief is to be horrifically victimized by another thief!  It is all well and good when all thieves have a common enemy, man, to base commonality on.  But they never realize what happens when that enemy they have in common is gone?  What happens next is that they each take on the belief system of what was their common enemy and destroy each other?  And again they don't really have that common enemies belief system but they have convinced themselves that they do.  Waif like confidence?

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