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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Should a Convicted Drunk Driver be allowed to operate a boat and vice versa? I say no! 11 21 2015

Should a Convicted Drunk Driver be allowed to operate a boat and vice versa?  I say no!  11 21 2015

Men really don't understand drunken  driving accidents!  Why not?  Because we are built rugged and tough.  To use an analogy we are built like the people who performed the stunts in the show Jack Ass.

Women, children and the elderly are not built the same way!  What wouldn't kill you would in some cases easily kill them; in a drunken driving crash!  But men don't think about that because it isn't how we understand the world from projecting our sense of self in it?

And everybody wants to be like me but they aren't.  Women like to think like they are men in a great many situations.  It proves to be a false identity for them.  And the reality of the matter is that what I have asserted above about them more likely to die in violent car accident is greater.  It is one of those things I don't feel I need to bring statistics or supporting evidence about either!  It is an element of common sense.

So I think about this in terms of the 21st amendment and how every mafia linked restaurant is stated to have a table 21 in it.


I am not a homosexual but I have to question what the rate of suicide is among homosexuals and latent homosexuals and how it skews gun violence statistics.

They do indeed have the highest suicide rate.

Some of it is attributed to bullying of them.

I may seem like a bully here with some of my commentary, however in this case I believe that the bully should be euthanized.  I want to assert that the bully is interfering with the learning and development of many normal children.  And whether you consider lgbt a development disorder or not is a moot point.  I will assert that people who are bullied might resort to alcohol and drugs later in life that cause a myriad of genetic birth defects we really haven't mapped out yet.

When the spoiled voices are quiet my writing is more true to my conscience.


And what about transgender bathrooms and lockerooms?  Basically the way that men and I mean real men have traditionally thought of it is, when you are changing you are not looking at what the other person is like.  And for example if a gay man is staring at another non homosexual mans butt that could be trouble.  But the non homosexual really doesn't care if you have a vagina and balls?  So what about what is in the female locker room?  If it has a penis it belongs in the male locker room, that should be the rule.  And I don't mean to be cold hearted but that is a negative reality that person is going to have to face.


I really don't like the idea of Down's Syndrome people having sex.  What do I fear?  A future where the stronger with less human intelligence dominate and enslave the normal human race!  Can't get much more horrific than that!


It is like this.  A man is born with only one leg.  When the other children are running around the track how is he really going to feel about himself no matter what?  Do we create another level of competition for him and then assert that it is really the equivalent of the norm level?  The reality is that he isn't equal.

Now to be fair to him I will assert that the criminal minded are mentally defective and not equal either.


What is this proving with regard to the nature of equality?  Are we to say that X has two of something and it is equal to Y's one of the same thing?  Once you start that Y ends up with all the money and power in the world?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 11 21 2015


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