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Monday, November 16, 2015

France and Joan of Arc 11 16 2015

France and Joan of Arc    11 16 2015

Why did Joan of Arc kill a great many French?  It has something to do with people missing flesh kept in dungeons (bastilles) and slow cooked crock pot type of meat?


And those people missing flesh kept in dungeons I am sure that they had psychiatric problems and that is why they had to be committed to the dungeons?

Per my research the French have the highest rate of Rh- blood.

But that terrorist attack doesn't make any sense just like the ISIS video's never show an actual live persons head being cut off.  If those were really terrorists attacking France in addition to the gun fire they would be using Molotov cocktails to create multiple burn zones and a distraction for their escape.

Which brings me to the next point regarded weapons of war.  For well over 90 years the standard handgun has been one with a wobble barrel rather than a fixed barrel.  What does it mean?  It means that soldiers have intentionally been given faulty weaponry!  A fixed barrel handgun is far more accurate!

Now what is my point with this article?  Instead of our Government spreading our Constitution around the world they using foreign problems to justify unconstitutional gun control.    George Washington our First President stated that we should be very wary of dealing with foreign nations.

What am I getting at?  We should not be judging what goes on in foreign countries that do not have the human rights present in the United States Constitution and will never adopt them even after we give them military aid!  They have not fought and died for what we have and they are not of the United States standard as represented in the Constitution.

What this looks like to me is a contrived reason to depopulate the oil reserves in the middle east in order to claim them for family lineage profit?

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