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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Where did Tesla get his funding from? 11 28 2015

The only reason I ask is because one of the photos in that series has a very expensive looking scientific apparatus.  And Tesla was marking a death ray in Europe before WWI.  So who funded him?  Lets say a foreign bank funded someone like Tesla.  And because of that the United States ends up in a War because of the conflict that military technology caused when sold abroad.  Foreign banks funding United States military technology?  It wreaks of treason.  Foreign ownership?  Foreign workers, management.  Foreign salesforce.  The world isn't supposed to be dominated by a killing machine cartel.  All of those military contractors are Constitutionally illegal because we are not to have a war for more than two years.  Hence their is no reason for their existence.  Now compound that issue with the foreign sales and you see how it is even more unconstitutional.  It gave rise to and entrenched the beast among us.

United State military contractors are the greatest threat to national security that there has ever been!  I know what you are thinking.  "We got it all under control!"  War and hell isn't like that!

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