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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Think of who that Social Security is Really there to protect 11 25 2015

Think of who that Social Security is Really there to protect  11 25 2015

It was instituted in 1935.

What was happening at or around that same time?  The Eugenics movement targeting those who couldn't learn and were labeled genetically defective.  That eugenics movement also targeted Jews by Nazi Germany in Europe.  It targeted blacks in the south of the United States.

Most people don't know, but before the civil war a million blacks were marched down south!

That social security was meant to protect the mentally retarded such as those with Down's Syndrome, Autism, Aspergers, hearing and sight disabilities, cretinism, Wilson's Syndrome, reading disabilities like Dyslexia!

Where do you think the money comes from to attempt to educate people like that?

And when an employee is injured by what really amounts to a negligent manager what do you think protects that manager?  If not Social Security?

When a young man can't graduate from College as Scott Walker could not, what do you think is there for him to fall back on?

What about Newt Gingrich?  He hated Social Security and was adopted!  Where does he think those extra benefits came from?  If you don't know how a balance sheet works with regard to that keep your mouth shut!  Without Social Security Gingrich might have been discarded in the dump after birth just like dogs whose time has expired at the human society.

What about John Boehner?  His father owned a tavern?  How many people blow their Social Security money on alcohol?  How many people end up injured in car accidents from drinking at a bar?  How many get in workplace accidents because they were drinking at a bar the night before?  That Social Security was there to Protect John Boehner!

It was designed to prevent a Civil War or World War?  We provided for a great many immigrants in that manner that were evicted from Europe.  We held out our hand to them!  Some were Italian who were evicted by Mussolini.  He vowed to exterminate the Italian Mafia!  Criminals are indeed mentally defective.

FDR might not have given us Free Healthcare but he gave us Social Security to pay for it as best we could.  Perhaps when he saw a Presidential Candidate such as Huey Long was assassinated by a Doctor for saying he would give free health care...he might have been of that mind but changed it?

Think about that very carefully when you attempt to demonize those who hear voices.  Schizophrenia is indeed medical fraud.  The symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of it makes it medical fraud.

A former President stated that any political party that attempted to repeal Social Security would be a party that would no longer exist!

Funny thing is that Republican Party has been two faced for quite some time haven't they!  Cathy McMorris Rogers stating it is the party for families with Down's Syndrome while indeed many of the rest of Republicans want social security gone.  George Bush did his best to defeat it.  George Bush himself had a sister who can't read?

Anyone see where I am going with this?  You really don't want to cry Wolf too many times!  The very party that wants it gone is the party that needs it the very most!

You could never have the rise of limited liability Corporations and the personal wealth created by them without social security to pay for all the lifetime mistakes and accidents you caused.

I just don't get you!  What do you think you are trying to prove?  You really don't want to put a Eugenics movement to the test again!  Next time around the people who are disabled by voices won't be the ones exterminated in genocide!

Is Social Security there to protect politicians?  That is likely who it is there to protect the most!  Tell what would happen if we went into another Great Depression because someone looted our Financial System and the .gov did nothing about it.  What do you think would happen to that .gov?  Can I tell you what happened last time?  How they wiggled out of it?  We entered WW2!  They directed the publics anger at a foreign enemy.  And the British did indeed have knowledge of the Japanese fleet whereabouts in the Pacific prior to Pearl Harbor.  But we are told that they didn't tell us.  Is that Social Security really there to protect our current allies like Great Britain?  What would have been England's fate without it and the U.S. entering WW2?  Think about it.

Does Social Security protect the Catholic Church?  Tell me what the fate of a queer priest who sexually molested boys would be in a new Eugenics movement?

Think very carefully!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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