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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Humor and Diatribe in one 11 14 2015

Humor and Diatribe in one 11 14 2015

"Better make sure that blue collar worker has all the whisky be needs; his work is paying for your Social Security disability."

This article could be titled "What the dumb cluck thinks of itself."

"Better make sure that urban professional has all the wine he needs...his work is paying for your Social Security disability"

The numbness of alcohol is the only thing that makes them happy!

Euphemisms for the Mentally Retarded.  They can't tell a person that they are mentally retarded because they would readily turn that meanness against themselves in suicide!  Hence when they discovered many of the causes of mental retardation they tried to channel that into something specific while at the same time erases the whole concept of a development learning disability.  In effect stating that a learning disability is the norm?

Depression might be a natural "character trait" of mental retardation. (not "Symptom", symptom implies only temporary, something someone didn't have before or recoverable from.) And meanness might be another natural character trait of mental retardation.

You have not seen the full extent, in public, of hatred the mentally retarded have for their human being victims, but you are going to!

Bernie Sanders is very sly.  He is an outright Democratic Socialist.  In case you haven't figured it out Socialism was the precursor to the Nazi Germany!  Their first victims were those who were demonized by voices!  Those were the first to be killed by Hitler.  Bernie wants to give a raise in Social Security to the elderly and veterans.  He has not said anything about the disabled!  Will that raise come from taking money from the victims of hearing voices?

If someone is birth defective...can you really demonize a demon?  They are already a demon and hence you cannot demonize them.  You can call a spade a spade when a spade is a spade.  But you can't call a demon a demon when a demon is a demon?

Compare the pictures of those with inbreeding birth defects to depictions of demons throughout history.  You also cannot tell me that a physical birth defect also doesn't have some hidden mental birth defect (deformation.)

And what did the man whose son was autistic mean when he stated that the Autistic community is a tight knit community?

Do some birth defects carried on through family lineages occur in this manner.  No one wanted to marry the son or daughter because they were wealthy and spent all their time drinking and hence were no good?  So they ended up having sex with each other to carry on the family line?  So indeed you have the presence of two causes of a birth defect in one person.

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I was very short in grade school.  I was about normal height in kindergarden.  I have to wonder if that vaccine they gave me didn't stunt my growth?  Then in High School my Junior year I grew from about 5'4" to my current ~6'2"  I had jobs while in High School first a paper boy then washing dishes.  I also stopped being a rifle team member because I was no good at the standing shoot.  But there is a lot of lead dust involved in shooting?  So less exposure to that might have spurred my growth?  And I believe at the time I really liked taking Vitamin B complex?  I like Country Life brand with methylated b12 in it.  But I don't take it because it causes bladder irritation.

In high school I weighed about 130 and today I am at 206.  I believe that genes want to be what they should be!  That they will always want to express themselves in the best possible manner.  What am I getting at?  There really is only one future.  So those who live in envy of others are eventually defeated by that one evolving future?  That or we all die off?  Why offer legalized drugs and stand in the way of the future of humanity?  What a rotten spoil sport!


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