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Monday, November 30, 2015

Childhood Development and Homosexuality 11 30 2015

Childhood Development and Homosexuality 11 30 2015

What son would ever want to watch to watch a hidden video taken of his father having sex with a man? (Pornography videos secretly taken are ubiquitous?)

Upon seeing that, that kid might even commit suicide! He might use a gun. 2/3 of the gun violence deaths are stated to be from suicide. And hence we see a satanic motive for gun control?

What father would ever want to see a video of his adult son having sex with a man?

They don't even understand what their own thoughts and ideas really mean until you explain it to them!  And when you are the one left to teach them reality the results are catastrophic and horrific!  What a burden you have placed on the shoulders of real men! Yet you know no shame because you don't have a human conscience!

What daughter really wants to see her “mothers” kissing in public?

How does something like the above influence childhood development? The highly paid satanic academic minded professor would just broad brush that off and say it has no bearing on childhood development.

How many children have used drugs (further harmful to the brain)? How many children have committed suicide because of the above?

To use drugs is to hate your own brain!

Is the father who marries a whore creating an image of strength for his forthcoming son? Can you imagine the depravity that son experiences?

Barrack Obama, the King of Cowards, tell the world how you got so far in life with an absent father and dumb mother?

I wouldn't want Barack Obama for a son either. Look at what he really believes in as described above! Donald Trumps father loved him so much that he sent him off to military school so that he could be with him more?

On legalization of Drugs

If you banned alcohol and people committed suicide or suicide by cop (in many forms) have you really done anything wrong? No!

Now lets say that you make alcohol legal and a police officer uses it and kills someone? Have you done something wrong? Yes.

Wait a minute! Wait a minute! I just realized something didn't I! The effects of alcohol on human thinking last for a lot longer than we are told! And a regular alcohol user is at a cognitive detriment because of that! That is something no one ever wants to admit!

A drunk driver murders an entire family because YOU legalized alcohol. Have you done something wrong? YES!

You falsely represented the danger of a psychoactive substance! You have declared it safe when it isn't!

How come it doesn't bother you when you read someone died because of that? Because you don't have a human conscience!!!!!


Per Federal Gun Laws neither Donald Trump, nor Bloomberg nor Barrack Obama nor George Bush can own a firearm!

Why not?

In order to purchase a firearm you can not have denounced your country! I believe that is the wording on the Federal Form. Torture is Constitutionally illegal because it is cruel and unusual punishment. Gun Control is specifically forbidden by the United States Constitution that forms this country! To advocate Gun control is therefore to denounce your country; hence you cannot own a gun!

Who else may not own a firearm? Anyone who has denounced the rights of those THEY labeled mentally ill.

Perhaps the most thorough test of who should own a gun or not is to give everyone one and see if they kill themselves with it when you do.

So you give the obnoxious sons of organized crime guns and what is the first thing they do with them? They can't help it because of a mental defect! They are going to point them at each other and pull the trigger? I have a completely clean conscience when people like that take the easy way out for themselves.

Give a bunch of squirmy black boys guns and what is the first thing they are going to do? Point them at each other and pull the trigger! They can't help it. They don't know any better! They couldn't listen and learn from anything you taught them.

Now I am going to get very racial here. But when black people can't be trusted with guns it doesn't mean we put forth treasonous gun control as the answer! It means that we have to deport them and any whites or yellows that are just like them. Why? Because we need to maintain our Constitutional standard of human freedom! Do you get it? You don't seem to understand what the world of men is based on! You don't know what the rule of men means do you? You don't see who has had the courage to risk their lives for freedom! You don't know what it means!

And what is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? I believe it has a genetic element and runs in family lines. Barrack Obama's Grandfather or father was stated to have ants in his pants. Attention Deficit means you can't listen. Hyperactivity means that you can't sit still; ants in the pants. When I was a boy the Hyperactive were viewed as spoiled rotten. But what is ADHD? It is the new term for mental retardation. To retard means to delay the development of. And that is being generous because it assumes that they are going to mentally develop and not stay permanently brain damaged brat all their lives.

And I also hear the same childish tone in the voice of Michelle Obama that I do in Donald Trump; whom a linguist stated has the same speech patterns as a child. Please! Please someone! What is the mental defect that falls into! Please label that genetic defect so that we don't have to put up with it as an faulted authority on anything EVER again!

So why is all of this very important? If you can't own a gun because you are spouting Treason they you cannot also be commander and chief of the United States military! Do you follow the logic?

If you can't own a gun because of treason, then you also cannot declare who cannot own one in the United States! It is an act that incites a Civil War.

If you cannot own a gun because you spouted treason then you cannot direct those who have a gun to take away the guns of those who you would love to believe should not have one.

Somehow we need to round up those who are denouncing our country and spouting treason and get them out of here!

Now my posts that have this kind of content and this scathing prose to them get a lot of reads. So I will look for this post read number to skyrocket!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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  1. The reason the wealthy neglect their sons is because they remind them of themselves and they can't stand themselves!