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Friday, November 20, 2015

The Canal of Schlemm 11 20 2015

The Canal of Schlemm 11 20 2015

That is where/how fluid naturally flows out of the eye and then circulates out of the body through normal means.

So it would indeed be the key to solving Glaucoma.  Glaucoma where pressure increases in the eye until the optic nerve is forced out that back and the person loses their sight.

It wouldn't be too hard to figure out what is disrupting the Canal of Schlemm. 

So why hasn't anyone figured it out yet?

Now I know someone who took a bottle of Occuvite over the time frame on the bottle, a month or whatever it is and claritan 3 days before they had their pressure checked and that pressure had come down from 22 to 16.

An antiallergan likely gets its efficacy because it is antiviral to??????

I myself have relieved eye pressure pain with megadoses of Vitamin C.

But in all the questions I have ever asked about Glaucoma and I have asked Doctors plenty, today is the first day someone told me that term.  Canal of Schlemm.

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