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Monday, November 16, 2015

Legal Insider Trading and a Monopoly of Wealth 11 16 2015

Legal Insider Trading 11 16 2015

The securities analysts ask very detailed questions during a quarter, and the institutional investors who purchase through them ask them  very detailed questions.  And they have the framework to put those details in to figure out what the earnings will be (barring any one time events to the contrary)

I started a petition a while back that the public is only to be represented in the stock market as the individual investor.  Perhaps past a certain level of wealth someone should not be able to access the public capital markets?  Would that not be fair to the up and comers?  What we face today is a "monopoly of wealth."  "A "monopoly of wealth" is a very dangerous group!

They are stated to be public markets however they do not function in that manner.  They are stated to be public companies but because they have limited liability they are NOT accountable to the public!

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