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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Nazi Germany was always going to attack the United States 11 17 2015

Nazi Germany was always going to attack the United States  11 17 2015

How do I know?  It has to do with handgun technology.  They had the fixed barrel extremely accurate luger.

The United States wanted to commission with them to make them for us too but the reason they didn't was because they said they didn't have the manufacturing capacity.

What was the real reason?  They knew that the U.S. would adopt a wobble barrel handgun known as the 1911.

A handgun is sometimes off by muzzle rise during firing.  However the barrels of all (that I know of) modern semiautomatic handguns double that muzzle rise factor by titling the barrel upward to unlock from the slide as blowback then forced the slide back into its cocking spring.  As a bullet is ejected on the way back the spring pushes a new one it.

This doubles the muzzle rise of the gun.  Therefore at least doubling the inaccuracy.  Plus the fact that as the barrel is tilting it is doing so on a two pivots in a hinge! Therefore wobbling.  Ugly!

How much energy is lost due to the pivot and wobble versus a fixed barrels straight action blowback?  The argument has been that the wobble has more energy than the fixed barrel blowback.  The first invalidation of that is that it isn't as accurate; so it doesn't matter!  The second is that they are both blowback operated.

Could the barrel locking mechanism been placed on underside of the barrel?  Thereby causing the barrel to tilt downward upon unlocking and naturally canceling muzzle rise?

Better yet what we needed was a highly accurate fixed barrel handgun!  Like the German Ruger.  Once Hitler knew we were going with the wobble barrel he knew he could defeat and conquer us?  Hence he was always going to attack.  And indeed the Roosevelt's wanted to graft Nazi idealisms on the American public!  Theodore stated so.


So how could you make a fixed barrel handgun that doesn't operate on direct blowback?  You could have gas ported from a locked bolt.  The gas pressurized as slide decocking spring or mechanism.  The gas also pressurizes a slide backing spring!  Two spring chambers in the gun instead of one!  Gas pressurizing both springs.

Hence the bolt could remain closed through firing.

But  you really don't need to get all that complicated.  The German and Romanian designs worked great.

Do you know what is odd here?  We weren't initially at war with Germany however we honored their patent rights on the Ruger and adopted the 1911 as a means of evading those patent rights.  What did that accomplish?  It put money into the wealthy American firearms industry while at the same time making us susceptible to military defeat in Nazi Germany and in all future military conflicts in the last 90 or so years!  This is a reason why the United States should never honor foreign patent rights on ANYTHING!

Human DNA in a American hot dogs coming from China?  They want to make us mentally ill!  We are losing 3 middle east veterans to suicide for every one lost in combat!  Put that Rh- dna in the meat?  Give the kuru brain illnesses?  If they are poisoning the American public in this manner and they are then they are also poisoning gulf war veterans while on duty? 

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Anyone see the old movies of Hitler handing out amphetamines to young Germans?  Isn't that about what the U.S. is today?  That is witchcraft the Puritans would have hung you for as poisoning someone.

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