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Sunday, November 15, 2015

How the wealthy view populations as a pool of victims to capitalize on 11 15 2015

The wealthy consider all the Governments money to really be their own! Hence they control it? See if you get the pirate mentality here. If you kill all the up and comers; send them off to war, not hire them, falsely grade them, give them poisons as drugs, then all the national gold will really be yours in the end and you will be a trillionare.  That is about what the gestalt of our economy is today.  Non human standards!
The business principle of capitalizing on the lives of human beings for profit is a direct violation of your Constitutional rights!  However no one recognizes it today!  If you don't recognize it and attempt to defeat it in poetic justice you become a victim of it!  There are only two sides!
Thomas Paul Murphy
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I told someone that wealth redistribution has happened in world history.  But when he asked me to provide an example I could not.  So I will have to research that.

One could say that the civil war was an attempt at wealth redistribution?  One could say that founding the United States was an act of wealth redistribution?  As a clean slate country it was initially a meritocracy?  And a meritocracy is a fair distribution of wealth compared to a monarchy?  In this case freedom represented wealth!  Personal happiness can be stated to be the equivalent of wealth?  At least to the wealthy that envy the intelligence of the middle class?  Hence you take away the money of the wealthy and they have nothing!  Why?  Because their happiness isn't dependent upon freedom, fair competition, normalcy?

What would having wealth represent to me?  The ability to think clearly?  The ability to raise a family in peace?  Freedom.  To the current wealthy what does it represent?  It is a barrier to fear because they don't have the skills to make wealth?  Follow the logic.  Your are raised with a playboy woman telling a nanny to put a silver spoon in your mouth every morning.  How do you view the middle class that can create things with their hands and think practically like men do?  You hate them in envy and therefore fear them!  Like an ape shaved of its hair sitting in a classroom full of children, you are very uncomfortable.   You live every moment of your life in stressful desperation.  Your eye's don't look at people the same way that humans do. Your cognition is one of jealousy.

You look at everything a son of  a man does as if it is a world of wonderment.  And that son of man never realizes that you could be a threat to him because he views you as his same standard of normality.  Your wonderment at some point in your life transforms into bemusement, envy and then victimization of that which you can never be.  And you have the money to get away with it!

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