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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Chicago Bears 17 Vs. Green Bay Packers 13 11 26 2015

Chicago Bears Vs. Green Bay Packers 11 26 2015

What was most interesting about the game was the half time Brett Favre ceremony.

He got more applause than a War Hero ever does!  How much different would our Country be if War Hero's got that treatment rather than homelessness.  Donald Trump say's that he would be good at War; can he name even one modern War Hero?

How many of us live in a world where we can take an Opiate and it makes our jobs better and we earn more money and success?  It isn't a reality for the general population of the United States.  Only in the dreamland of television is that possible!

Do you know what we need?  We need a Constitutional Amendment so that Professional Sports are banned if the United States is engaged in ANY military conflict.  In addition that amendment should include that if the United States is ever involved in ANY military conflict we must cap all corporate salaries in the United States at $40,000.oo through the usual means of doing so.

That just bothers the h3ll out of me!

Do you know what happens when you ban prof sports while we are in a military conflict?  The big oaf get's depressed and get's out of the way of humanity!

There would be no more wars because the wealthy who control the economy couldn't stand to view their big oaf children as unimportant, non famous and useless.  And that spoiled kid would have no place to capture attention that didn't belong to them.

Green and Gold?  Meat packers?  I doubt that these players would even make good meat packers!  Are there any good meat packers around today?  How did the human DNA get in Hot dogs?  Why are two major meat processors leaving operations in Wisconsin. (Oscar Meyer and Tyson)

And as long as I am getting Draconian.  The Catholic Church is going to abide by abortion in the true means it was.  Some babies will not survive Baptismal.  Some children of ANY age will not survive first or second Baptismal.

Can you imagine who was torturing people in French Bastilles?  Was it likely the wealthy son that had Down's Syndrome, Autism, Aspergers, etc?  What is my point?  It happened and it isn't human to do that!

What have we seen going on in the United States?  Many compounds being built.  Do you see what the threat would be?  Do you see how history wants to repeat itself in an evil way?  Do you see how a spoiled will is asserting itself and where it is going?  It has wealth, lots of money, but it has children who can not take care of themselves let alone raise a family and have normal children.  They can't hold their own.  This country was founded on the principal that if you can't work you don't eat!

And why I will never vote for Bernie Sanders, Hilary Clinton or anyone who wants to legalize drugs.  Do you know what happens when they legalize drugs?  The wealthy smoke pot all day long while the rest of us will starve to death.  It is just that ugly!  Lets see if I can articulate it a little better.  By definition the wealthy own everything.  Therefore while they are getting high all day they will not be working or operating any businesses.  Then they will say there is a food shortage.  They will say you can't get your money out of the bank.  Etc, etc, etc.  It is the wealthy waiting for human beings to die.

Do you know how you clean up that drug problem?  If a person pushes drugs on your children the sentencing should be mandatory death!  A perfect analogy being the Puritans who founded the United States executing Witches and Warlocks for poisoning people!  And that sentencing action shouldn't take too long with a big Hollywood hoopla ceremony about it either.  We don't need our heart strings pulled when we are getting rid of bad apples who have committed crimes against humanity!  That drug problem would end extremely quickly!  If women were not allowed to vote would we have the drug problem?  What am I getting at?  Somethings they just don't seem to understand until you paint the exact ugly picture of what it really means, the potential to affect them, and how you would not want to wish that on other people as victims of it.  Instead we get the, let that person off the hook because who am I to judge.  And this is indeed the last line of this article that I am typing even though it is right here in the middle.  I agree with that too.

Are there some people in the United States who should not be allowed to have their currency converted into United States dollars?  Is a heroin dealers money as good as anyone else's with you?

So you hear voices in your head and you have relatives that begrudge you for it!  They believe themselves to be the bank of the United States.  They believe that you are a drain to the United States economy; because you are disabled by voices.   Here is what you say to them, "The queer with the French Mustache who drives an Ice Cream truck has a job too doesn't he!"

Something about that Favre.  He was never really arrogant was he!  That is what we liked about him?  Or per my memory he was a little arrogant some times?  But it is a French name.  What was the theme of the movie the French Connection?  Something to do with Heroin coming into the United States controlled by France?  Wasn't it?  I can't remember.  I don't believe that the world needs poppy heroin fields or marijuana fields.

But I like to eat Barley flakes for breakfast.  I think that they might be giving me a testosterone boost and therefore I should lay off of them for a while.  But a mans testosterone is stated to peak 1/2 hour after drinking alcohol, due to the alcohol?  But the barley in it has to be boosting it too.  Boosting testosterone while at the same time depriving the brain of oxygen and putting one in a depressive state? 

Just a few more thoughts I have to get off my chest.  So that kid I went to High School with was caught with 16 hard drives full of horrific sexual abuse of children.  What was he doing with it?  Who was he trading it with?  Who else in his network likes that stuff.  Not this ties in with my compound paranoia (?) above.  Was he really looking to create a manual of how to sexually abuse children?  Was he looking to give that manual a name and it be some secret evil test of a satanic religion.  Text none of us are ever supposed to know about.  Text we are forbidden by tribal death to read?  Am I drawing an analogy to something that is part of religion already?  Yes.

I know, you thought you were going to read about a football game and I gave you the bait and switch.  Too bad!

Do you know what I believe might be happening in the world?  That pagan 21 occult I have written about might be getting sick from their own evil will.  Set a nice trap for someone else and you could end up in it yourself.  I don't pity them.  Perhaps I should but I don't.  I am not into all that false religious doctrine of forgiving the criminal who is still victimizing people.

And if I indeed pissed you off and you are a good person of your own cognition; just believe that pi$$ off wasn't meant for you.

But back to that last line of the article above.  Who am I to judge?  Am I really being fair to myself?  Should I really put my feet in the shoes of the criminal in that manner?  The only way I can wiggle out of that conscience is to say that I didn't have the same parents as that person.  I cannot blame myself because I had better parents, better genes, better parents that sought to raise me, better parents who sought to teach me!  Do you get it?  Whatever created the bad person doesn't always apply to us?  We don't always need to feel we should put ourselves in the other persons shoes the criminal and let them off.  We didn't do what that person did.  For whatever reason.  And I am not articulating this as best as I can.  And the truth is that the voices are starting up, distracting my thinking and don't want me to articulate it.  But I will make the final point in that when you forgive every single criminal what happens to human standards?

It is almost as if.  And I will try and be circumspect here.  Two people have birth defects.  They get married and have a birth defective child.  And that goes on and on.  How long before their are dinosaurs roaming the earth again?

People wonder what really killed the dinosaurs?  What if it was the will of God that couldn't stand them.  What if the human form, our minds is the evolution of that will of God?  Perhaps it came on an asteroid.  Perhaps it was hear all along and that is how it asserted itself, through some cosmic energy balancing principle.

Happy thanksgiving and goodnight.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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