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Saturday, November 14, 2015

"Spillover II" sculpture 11 14 2015

"Spillover II" sculpture  11 14 2015

I am getting something of a gestalt about what Thomas Jefferson stated about enlightening the masses generally in the morning....

I never really liked this sculpture.  In fact I don't like many modern developments of shoreline.  Shoreline has its own beauty.

But how far do you take something like this?  Take down all that artists other work?  Imprison him?  Make a pariah of him?  Refuse to commission any of his work ever again?  Leading to homelessness and death?

Was that his spirit and intent in the artwork?  Perhaps it could be the very spirit of those who are with him in the spirit attempting to defeat his success and therefore he abandon his art skills?  Now that is a crying shame!

So when I look in my alphabet soup bowl at lunch and it say's I am a mean dunce I am to throw that at the teacher or lunch help?  There is a conspiracy in my soup bowl?

I then after that I can't get enough of that odd power against me.  So I buy a Weegie Board and see what it say's about me?  Then I attempt to control that dark magic!  I have just become a witch! 

Then after that I smoke and drink a lot to conjure up the strength of spirits!  And someone is then freeing the slave in America.  So I hold s√©ances with him.  And somehow I have electric device made that projects sounds across the room in the dark.  My attempt is to make him lose confidence in himself or discredit him so that the slaves are not freed?  Then I join up with 5 other actors from the South and we plot to assassinate him.  And after he is dead you never here or see from me again.  And that is indeed the story of Abraham Lincolns assassination; one of the greatest Presidents in U.S. history.


In case you haven't read the news.  This is a metal sculpture in Milwaukee that has letters on it apparently in random order.  Someone spelled out the words "dead Jew" in them by connected them in a non crossword puzzle pattern and it has to be taken down and the letters replaced.  So when they replace the letters and it comes up offending someone else for what it then spells will it be taken down again and changed?

I took a picture of it a few years back, a rainbow was in line with it at that time.  See it here.  I called it the Gospel of Thomas.  Something to do with dissemination and sponge up of ones self?

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