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Saturday, November 28, 2015

How can you be mad at Trump for making fun of that New York Times Reporter with the physical birth defect 11 28 2015

How can you be mad at Trump for making fun of that New York Times Reporter with the physical birth defect?

Don't you know that Donald Trumps meanness is a sign of a brain defect all of its own? Therefore he is just the same as the person who has the physical birth defect. You have to learn to forgive and forget what Donald Trump said about that New York Times reporter because doing so is indeed treating someone else with a disability just the same way you who have a disability want to be treated.

Just one day after I wrote that Donald Trump was a military brat that was sent away to school Donald Trump himself proved me right! By making fun of that person with the physical disability.

And just one day after that a Linguistics expert who analyzed Donald Trumps speech stated that he talked exactly like a 4th grader! I see that too. It has to do with outbursts from introverted thought process based on hatred? Owl like sad little girl sounds coming out of his mouth. Do you hear how the voice gets lower and more effeminate? How that is when he is speaking his repressed mind? I believe and I am not an expert or anything like that, it is a sign of a brain defect such as Ausgburgers or Aspergers, something like that.

You see, I have heard voices for over 24 years. And I have learned that we must accept people like Donald Trump so that we ourselves are accepted. The Catholic Church will teach you that “Those who suffer are truly blessed!” That New York Times reporter should thank Donald Trump for making fun of him?

But the beer drinking imbecile breeding American Public love that! And American Women they love that too! Why? They feel Donald who makes fun of someone with a physical disability is a strong man! It gives them great confidence in this “man!” And Donald has indeed been known to like the women hasn't he! He knows how to play that game! To use what the Lord or Satan cast him with to his advantage.

Young men and women who grow up with cigarette smoking Jack drinking parents love Donald Trump for his raw personal strength! Just like that love all of those Professional Wrestling Stars! Don't you ever demean a Professional like Donald Trump! Think of all the young and impressionable minds that he is motivating! Look at how much they like him! Shame on you!

And he is just the right person who the wealthy with better genetics will vote for! Why? He will free them from their enslavement to social security recipients! Young wealthy latent obnoxious children are becoming polarized to Donald Trump! What a great inspiration he is to them! Do you know why? They look at him and this is exactly what they think. My family money will never be compromised with Donald Trump in the office of the President! He will never raise taxes on the rich! In fact he will create ways for us to get more!

He is proof positive that the wealthy have better genetics! The way he saw that mans hand birth defect and pointed it out and made fun of him! That is personal strength, human integrity and character! That is what the American public loves!

No that is a sign of strength! Just like how Romans throwing Jews to lions was a sign of strength too! How weak they were in comparison to those lions who rendered them to nothing. What a great show that must have been! Round up those low life New York homeless that Bloomberg took the guns away from and feed them to the Lions Donald Trump! They would view that as a sign of strength! Think of how much more money you would personally make? It would end up in the nation ending up in ruin and the dollar being worth nothing! But you have that figured out already don't you! A new currency based on your German nationality. One with your head on the new nation of Trump Dollar! Put a picture of you laughing at that reporters birth defective hand below it! How beautiful!

Chastising people who act like Donald Trump does went out with WWII. You are not allowed to defame someone like Donald Trump! You are not allowed to demonize someone like him! He has rights to! How dare you!

When Donald Trump saw that the Reporter became introverted through fear and could not remember what he said??  Then Donald Trump did that Reporter a favor by making fun of him!  He just gave that reporter his comeuppance!  Funny thing is that I hear voices and am forgetful because they distract my memory!

What is Donald trying to do?  Is he really trying to vet those who personally attack him as being weak and eliminate them from journalistic media?  What a strong man Donald Trump is to never accept anyone else's opinion of him!  What personal security this man has!  The public should never have to be subjected with anyone else's opinion of him other than his own!  Do you see how weak and therefore dangerous he really is!  Do you see how a person with a physical defect who could write was a threat to Donald Trump?

Can you tell this is pure sarcasm?  Or are you confused and prone to spoiled emotional outbursts like...... ....
What is the personal integrity of Donald Trump?  What is at the core of his persona?  Who is he really? Think about all that emotion comes out of him and is expressed by him.  Think of what it amounts to?  Donald lets see if you have the strength to reveal that!  Now I do like some of what he say's.  Why?  Because their are elements of truth in it that people without his money have been very scared to express!  But should money allow him to have that power and not the rest of us!  Should the American citizen ever have to put up with that dichotomy?  No!  It is the basis of organized and networked criminal behavior!
Of course if you don't believe any of this stuff that I just wrote about Donald Trump is true; how we should forgive those who cannot contain their negative emotions. If you believe that someone as immature as that should never be any countries leader. If you don't believe he should ever be controlling people or broadcasting on national television. Then you are exactly like me.
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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