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Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Democratic debate is going on the television in the other room 11 14 2015

The Democratic debate is going on the television in the other room  11 14 2015

The valid leadership question with all of these candidates both D's and R's is how many foreign countries have we demonized?  Reducing their people to the fate of war?  How many foreigners in foreign countries have we demonized?

And yet we don't demonize any foreign immigrants in the United States?  Isn't that a double standard?  Isn't that evidence of  a lack of integrity, two faced leadership in the United States?

They want to preach equality, equality, equality with immigrants from foreign countries while at the same time demonizing the people from foreign countries in more countries than you have fingers on your hands.

It is fear mongering?  It is propaganda to make you vote for the war mongering Presidential Candidate.

Okay, please tell me, how doesn't that create more enemies of the United States?

So the meat in Hot Dogs coming from China has human DNA in it?  Why are we trading with them?  That isn't of the United States standard is it.  I could go on and on but you know what I think and you have had enough of it.

Why don't we demonize foreigners in the United States?  Because they come over here with money are become part of the deceitful class?

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