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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Republican Debate in Milwaukee 11 10 2015

Republican Debate in Milwaukee 11 10 2015

So they ask Donald a question specifically about Russia and he doesn't answer it!  Instead he goes into a War Mongering diatribe and names at least 6 other countries.

I just don't get these people.  They do not represent me.  They don't represent people.  To me when a person is asked a question like that and doesn't answer it, it means that that person should never have been allowed to be successful in the United States.  And that is the exact problem I have with all those candidates.

I wouldn't even know where to start arguing with someone like that.  Would you?  They are asked a question and they evade it.  And sure you could have the person asking the question say that they are getting off topic.  But that never lasts because soon after you start that the person asking the question gets subjective in a negative way and attacks someone who is indeed answering a question the right way.

So that debate was very depressing to me.

I like to think that I could get up there and argue with the best of them.  But then I realize how I would not last 5 minutes with manipulative people like that who don't have a clue as to what are country is meant to be.  Its sad!  I don't see what can be done about it.  And we are all going to suffer in an extremely negative way because people like that have been promoted to success.

Picking leadership?  First you have to have people that abide by the standards required to be promoted?  When that is circumvented and false leadership is promoted......

And did the one man waffle or was misleading about bank failure?  Should the stockholders take a hit when a bank fails because they invested all their money in it?  Did he really answer no?  So what does it amount to?  Bankers that don't belong in banking making multi six figure salaries while they are employed, perhaps even millions, and their lack of ability causing the bank to go bankrupt and handed over to the taxpayer; to bail out the stock and bond investor, meaning give them their lost money that they can invest it back with the same people in the banking industry??  Screwy!  We just shouldn't have to put up with that either.

And then we had the one man talking about lessening pollution standards because the earth has been around billions of years?  He needs to be locked up!  This is another one that should have never been allowed to be promoted to success!  They don't think like men!  And we are going to suffer because of that right there!

Here it is!  Here is the crux of that!  If you answer questions like that in that manner on a High School or College test there is no way that you are going to pass that test!  You have to directly address the question or you get severely marked down on that question!  There is no way that these candidates should or could have legitimately graduated from college!  That's it!  That is what has me pissed!  So should the moderator meaning media personality be required to grade the way they answered the question?  The educated public knows how to grade better than that!  And you know the fat sandwich that is stuck in the publics face?  Another media personalities subjective opinion on who won the debate?  Isn't it amazing that candidates can win debates when they don't even answer questions?

You think candidates like that are for education and the school system!  They just made a willful mockery of it didn't they!  Makes you want to puke!

I think that the FBI needs to investigate Trump with regard to his connections to Russia as well as perhaps Russian Organized crime in the United States, perhaps his father too.  Something is a little off there.  Where did his father get a million dollars to give to him? 

Thomas Paul Murphy
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He hid his German Ancestry and fraudulently claimed it was Swedish instead.  He got out of going to Vietnam via a medical deferment we are told he claimed a heel spurs in one or both of his feet?  And worst of all he is a military brat; meaning he went to military school.  Remember this is the guy who is a War Monger!

His father made money as a military contractor in WWII and as a Real Estate developer he refused to rent to black people!

And it looks like his Grandfather made money from whorehouses during the gold rush?

Donald's uncle is into radiation and microwave technology!  Trump knows schizophrenia is medical fraud!  This is one of the most horrific criminals the world has ever known!

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