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Monday, November 9, 2015

Casino's are one of the best marketing tools for big tobacco that there is 11 09 2015

Casino's are one of the best marketing tools for big tobacco that there is 11 09 2015

Why?  They are hitting that person who is transitioning from youth to adulthood with a conditioning element tied to a gambling reward!  Deadly isn't it!

Also automobile racing is too!  Why?  They smell the rubber, gasoline and oil and think tobacco smells very good in comparison or perhaps in conjunction!

Most great marketing professionals know more about psychology than your drug dispensing psychiatrist or doctor does!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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What is the dropout rate of a smoker versus a nonsmoker?  That isn't a problem we ever have to address is it!  Completely meaningless isn't it.  Doesn't have anything to do with protecting the general health and welfare of the United States!  It is one of the first principles of the United States Constitution but the Republican Party demonized the concept didn't they!  Anyone who demonizes the concept of General Health and Welfare in the United States is committing an act of treason!

So the Republicans have come to Milwaukee to debate this week?  What do they all have in common?  They each one of them is "mad as h3ll" and rat-like!  What was the psychiatric term for "mad as h3ll" it was neurosis!  But they erased it from the manual didn't they?  Why?  It is extremely difficult if not impossible to effectively treat someone that is "mad as h3ll" and rat-like.

And how many Americans really think that Donald Trump, whose father gave him a million dollars, to start off represents them?  Crying shame you are!

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