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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Ted Cruz was born in Canada per my memory of the United States Constitution he cannot be President 11 22 2015

Ted Cruz was born in Canada per my memory of the United States Constitution he cannot be President 11 22 2015

The Constitution may not be amended if that "idea" is not valid to the intent and purpose the Constitution.

Perhaps this is why Trump wants to put him in as wing man?  Another way to whittle around the Constitution.

Most mature people would know that if you can't be President because you were not born in the U.S. then you also cannot be Vice President; because it is really "Stand in" in case the President cannot be President whereby the Vice assumes Presidential power? 

Isn't it almost contrived coup how Newt Gingrich tried to assume power after Reagan was allegedly shot?

Reagan who consulted a Vassar fortune teller on every major decision he made?  Newt Gingrich who himself is said to have practiced the occult Jewish Kabala?

So Trump picks Cruz as his running mate?  And Cruz a Hispanic wants to expand Immigration of wealthy foreigners into the U.S?  This indeed tells you just how fickle Donald Trump is.

They are not for the American people they are for subjecting the American people.  It isn't what can I do For the people as President it is what can I do To the people as President!

So really if Ted Cruz were a legitimate legal authority he would recuse himself from his Presidential bid because it violates the tradition of the Constitution!  Do you get it?  If he was really as good and honest American lawyer as he states himself he would take his spoiled self out of the race because it violates original Constitutional provision.

Did they amend that?  If they did so it was because they wanted Arnold Schwarzenegger in as President at that time.  The man who knocked up his Mexican made.  The man who used steroids and likely caused the death of a great many Americans who mimicked him.  The man who wanted to argue to legalize marijuana.  Can't get any worse than that!

What is this all?  It is encroachment of the idiot head and superimposition of that idiot head on the American populace!

Thomas Paul Murphy
copyright 2015
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