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Friday, November 6, 2015

What did Black Leadership really cause in Europe? 11 06 2015

What did Black Leadership really cause in Europe?  11 06 2015

The Moors were in Europe  roughly 700 through 1609.

The plague was present in Europe every year between 1346 and 1671.

Tell me that bug in the Wikipedia link doesn't look like it came from a kinked hair head lice?  It's harder to keep clean isn't it!  That is the real reason why they all wrap it in turbans?


Do people who smoke pot keep themselves as clean as others?

And what about the lower education standards and for that matter the lower teaching results in that population of the U.S.?  Are less educated people less clean?

And what about the big trend in Special education?  Can they even take care of themselves?

The stats say between 75 and 200 million people died of that Black Plague.  That had to be a big percent of the population?  How many billion would that be today?

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Every Cigarette smoker I have ever talked to has the exact same fungus smell in the breath that comes out of their lungs.  It isn't caused by the cigarettes; they are using the cigarettes to self medicate?

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