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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Scott Walker Endorses Thomas Paul Murphy

Scott Walker Endorses Thomas Paul Murphy!

     How do I know?  Because he keeps advertising on my websites even though I blocked all politcal adds.  Even though I have been strongly critical of him.  This can only mean that despite all of my constructive criticism of Scott Walker he stil validates and endorses the opinion of Thomas Paul Murphy.  Could it be that Scott Walker really believes exactly the same things as I have written but is doing just the opposite because he is guided by a dark force?  Yesterday when I saw him on the television and looked at his eyes.  I said to myself he looks a little cross eyed.  I wonder is this and indication that each side of his brain does not synchronise with the other through his corps collosum?

Does Scott believe in one thing and yet feel compelled to the opposite? 

    He knows he is advertising on my site. He has to becuase I send him most of my articles so he knows what I am saying.  And I guarantte you what I write is not ignored.  Everyone that I write about someone I try and find their email and send them what I said.

Scott Walker in effect is telling you to pay that twenty five cents at the link on the right.

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