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Friday, February 25, 2011

If Scott Walker would let the public vote on the bill and on him....

If Scott Walker would let the public vote on the bill and on him again.

We wouldn't have to hear about either one again.

Back in 1991 Firemen made $40,000.00 as an introductory salary in New York.  I don't know what a public school teacher makes but it is probably more like $25,000.00.

What fires are we not going to put out in the future because we don't have an educated public.  A new generation that hasn't developed common sense a good teacher can teach one.  Firemen should stand with teachers today rather than have to put out more fires in the future.  And Policemen should for the same reason.

Cigarettes are the prelude to using drugs, policemen. If Scott Walker gets his way on teachers what will be next?  He has hinted he would repeal the tobacco ban.  This man does not care about people he cares about money and status.

He has not said that he could tax the richest people in Wisconsin and solve this problem.  But he won't because they put him in office.  If you are sitting on a billion dollars in the state of Wisconsin and you are not spending it to create jobs you are part of the jobs program and our tax base for revenue.  Scott Walker's Conservatives have created this deficit.

Why can't we tax those sitting on billions who are not spending it to create jobs.  Why can't we tax them to for the programs that we need in the state?  There money did not come from out of thin air, they "earned" it from Wisconsinites.

The Republicans have the money to put God forsaken Scott Walker commercial after commercial on television.  Does not each one of those commercials cost about $10,000.00 a piece.  How can Scott Walker afford this?  Are the media companies giving him a sweet heart of a deal on these commercials because they support Scott Walker?  Isn't this against the law?

All that money wasted on television commercials could have taken a big bite out of the deficit already.  But what do they really serve to do?  Grease the media companies to a Conservative basis.  If Scott Walker is paying a fair market rate for the commercials they are gravy money for the media companies.

Scott if you really knew about money that money that went to the commercials would go to pay down the deficit.  And then you would ask those who would put you in office to waste money on those to also chip in for the deficit.  After all if they are willing to blow money on these paying down the deficit would be an easy bill for them.  It is the same lack of accountability.

Explain it Scott how if someone is sitting on a billion dollars of cash "earned" in the United States and living in Wisconsin.  That is where the money for our jobs is, misered away.  Money that was taken out of the system and not put back to work creating jobs or worse put to bad use to hire thugs like you are said to have mention.

Scott you want to call yourself a true conservative.  Call on your big money (Billion dollar) supporters to create a clean environment.  They earned that money from the land of Wisconsin, who is going to pay to have the waters of Wisconsin cleaned.  Our lakes and rivers the toilets bowls for the rich.  Thanks Scott.  Scott lets see you clean the waters of Wisconsin so there are no more warnings not to eat fish or swim in the lakes.  That is what Wisconsin is about.  Not watching tax dollars wasted on television commercials.

 Thanks Scott.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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