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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jazz is the Willpower of Mature Adults 02 25 2011

Jazz is the Willpower of Mature Adults 02 25 2011

     Jazz was invented by black people trying to learn how to play musical instruments while their demonizing oppressors tried to screw it up.  That is where all the different notes and melodies come from, adaptation to mal-influence.  It is the influence of the spoiled child spirit of wealth creation that could not stand someone learning a musical instrument.  The persistence in playing is in effect an adult’s way of disciplining a child by ignoring them.  The idea represented here reads like this, “You can try to screw it up all you want but for all your efforts I am going to keep on playing.”
     How come we no longer hear Jazz on Milwaukee radio, I mean a dedicated station?  It cannot be blamed on demographic influence.  And also we certainly hold ourselves out to be an artistic city and Jazz is said to be the only original art form in the U.S. 
     Do we really need all that iron cross music?
     Do you want to know the real reason we don’t have a Jazz or Classical radio station you can listen to without disruption?  There are a lot of spoiled spirits who can’t stand the sound of it.  Why?  Because it is in effect the representation of the willpower of an adult over that of a spoiled mind.  Many of all ages today in Milwaukee and Wisconsin loathe the willpower of mature adults it is anathema to them.
Has the demographic that created this original art form changed to one of oppressor?

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