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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Scott Walker is bringing tourist dollars to

02 26 2011

Scott Walker is bringing tourist dollars to Rockford Illinois.  What a minute that is not part of Wisconsin is it.

Scott Walker has done a lot for the State of Wisconsin already, in maknig Rockford Illinois a sanctuary for those residents of Wisconsin whose opinion does not matter to him.

Scott Walker is so such a great communicator that fourteen Democratic.

Democratic Senators don't be fooled by Scott Walkers cajoling words, you are availing yourself of the laws of government as they were written and you are serving as a great example to every state in Wisconsin.

If Scott Walker tries to use force against any of you.  Barrack Obama the President of the United States has ultimate authority over the national guard to stop them.  I wrote about how one faction of the government used the national guard to promote slavery, that essay is on my politics website, (Teddy Roosevelt or Eisenhower search terms.)

The Democratic Senators are true patriots, don't let Scott Walker have you believe anything else.

This Republican agenda has stripped our rights in the name of wealth creation for too long.  This Republican agenda has compromised the health of the public in every conceivable way in the name of wealth creation.

If Scott Walker wants to talk to you let him come to the land of Lincoln personally all by himself, that is what a man would do.

Enough is Enough, Re-establish fairness in the United States of America

Thomas Paul Murphy

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