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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Murphy- on the recall of Wirch

The man who is leading the recall of Wirch says that he will call the whole thing off if Wirch just comes back.  What is this really saying?  That he likes Wirch!

This man who is leading the initiative to recall Wirch wants to act as if he has the power to be a senator himself.  Does this man not value education?

I agree with the man who is leading the effort to recall Wirch.  And when Scott Walker calls off his WAR against Wisconsin, Wirch should come back.  But not before.

There is a difference between improving the education system and paying teachers less.  You talk to any Police Officer or Fireman and they will tell you I would rather risk my life than stand in front of a classroom full of children.  There is a great pay disparity here already and Scott Walker only wants to make it greater, that is Police and Firemen earn more than teachers.  Have we really got our money out of our police department?  No.  Look at the crime and drugs in Milwaukee.  No Policeman or Fireman would stand in front of a class full of children and they won't arrest drug dealers either, are they part of the same family you have to ask yourself.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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