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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Home Land Security arrest Scott Walker 02 24 2011

Home Land Security arrest Scott Walker! 02 24 2011
Ministers son Scott Walker, “Considered-but-rejected planting troublemakers amid protesters who have rocked the Capitol..”  *
Is anyone other than me dissolutioned by a minister’s son who would incite violence against public employees?  Do any of you not remember that it is a felony to assault a mail man?  Is not what Scott Walker considered the equivalent of plotting an act of terrorism?  Home Land Security arrest Scott Walker.    

What right does Scott Walker have to initiate surveillance activities against the fourteen patriotic Democratic Senators?  This is also illegal.  Surveillance is the tactic of the weak minded, i.e. Nixon.  Today in the United States surveillance type technologies have been utilized to create what only amounts to a monster race I.e., soulless who think they are someone they are not?  Souls are developed and nurtured through proper parenting, they are not raised this way, they are raised through participating in demonology.  The Bible alludes to this in the story of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  These feeble minded imbeciles thought that they could resurrect the soul of Jesus Christ within themselves, the Bible tells of how a man believed that he was the resurrected Jesus Christ and no one would do a thing he told them because he wasn’t.  There was only one and you cannot demonize to become like someone else.  But this is the core belief the feeble minded maintain in delusion to the self and the detriment of the world.

Wake up America this is totalitarism, your rights were not just limited after the suspect 911 attack.  You were made a prisoners to a blood sucking Mongoloid race, who will rob you and this country of everything.  You think I am wrong?  Believe me they are not like us or the great men of the United States throughout its history.  This is government by the stooge minded who obtained wealth and power through coercion and it is sickening horror.  Osama Bin Laden and George Bush might not have been in this one together but the effect is exactly the same as if George Bush had made an agreement with a Middle Eastern country to invoke actions that destabilized the United States by a terrorist attack.  Isn’t it convienent that George Bush was in a School Classroom when the terrorist attacks happened?  It reads like the most perfectly contrived alibi a criminal could ever fabricate.  I am the only one who didn’t notice that he didn’t get the acting right when he was told of the attack?

Where does Scott Walker get the precedent of idea to hire disrupters to incite violence at the protest?  This is the nature of the beast.  Believe it or not there is a diverse race of people that walks among us in this country who do not think for themselves.  They think off of the thoughts of those who were victimized through demonology through organized religion.  Scott Walker is a Ministers son.

The Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church in Milwaukee has hidden $70 million dollars so that it cannot be sued by those who were molested by priest of the Roman Catholic Church.  Where did this money go?  It is paid to all manner of Disrupters as Scott Walker mentioned.  These are people who are not of their own mind who harass those they have been victimized, labeled mentally ill and demonized.  The Roman Catholic Church does not believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ.  So what is the Roman Catholic Church then?  It is populated by a group of men who had weak, evil or no fathers at all.  Its parishioner client is exactly the same.  This is the biggest façade in the history or the world.  They never learned from a loving father they learned by driving someone out of their minds and demonized.  By doing this they created a funnel of wealth creation for what amounts to a lesser race of the dependent minded.  They will do anything to protect this siphon of wealth creation, including hiring disrupters who would incite violence with public school teachers.  Genetically we are said to be all the same, they believe they are not as smart and this is indeed the source of all crime and corruption in the United States.  

If that bill reduced the pay of firemen and policemen it would be a different story. 
If policemen and fireman are really the men of respect they purport themselves to be they would stand proud at the capital with the teachers and say, “If you are going to limit their pay you should limit mine also.  I stand with the teachers.”
Instead in Scott Walkers political actions of propaganda the Democratic Senators of Wisconsin are being made to look as if they are criminals.  They are not they are the last refuge Democracy in this country has to cling to.

Scott Walker is playing the time game.  He thinks that if he says he is delaying the bill until Friday that you will capitulate.  Scott is unlikely to ever drop this bill.  Democratic Senators do not come back until it is torn up.

Democrats of America if Scott won’t pay these Senators hotel checks maybe you and I should bypass the government and set up a fund to pay for their stay.

Someone needs to interview Scott Walkers father the minister, if he is still alive to see what he would say about his son considering hiring thugs to incite violence against government employees.  You have to ask yourself what supremacy militia group is Scott Walker a member of?
Policemen, Firemen and other Government Employees stand with Scott Walker and say that you should not get a pay cut also.  If you wanted to put an end to this you would do so.  If you were truly people concerned for public safety you would lobby to Scott Walker and say, “If they don’t get it I don’t either.”

Scott Walker is a dangerous man and what he represents also poses a great horror to the world.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy
*source Journal Sentinel

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