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Friday, December 26, 2014

Who is so dumb that they wouldn't know smoking is bad for them 12 26 2014

Who is so dumb that they wouldn't know smoking is bad for them 12 26 2014

And I don't really care what year in history we are talking about!  Who is so dumb that they don't know smoking is extremely bad for their health?

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And when it comes to health insurance why should we pay for it?  You made that idiot choice not us!  Do you know why we have to pay for it?  Because if we didn't the Tobacco companies would eventually end up going out of business from the "Backlash!"

Do you see how Government politics is not for the people but for the wealthy that have great management and shares in business through "Anti Backlash" government policies???

All of those "Anti-Backlash" government policies need to go!  So that we can create the responsible nation we are supposed to be! 

Another "Anti-Backlash" policy relates to drunk driver that kill people!  You start putting them away for life or executing them and pretty soon those "Anti Backlash" policies are going to go away!  I seem to remember high ranking politicians killing people in drunk driving accidents!  Are they laws for the people or laws for those who have money and like to get inebriated!  You don't know how much I want to take away "That" candy from you!  There would be no more mentally retarded spectrum people and therefore none of us would be hearing voices under the FDR Jewish communist doctrine "One Must surrender their individuality for the sake of industry."  It is okay for me to say that when 85% of the founders of that form of government were of that religion!

Personal accountability is none existent because they don't have and know their own minds!


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