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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Criminal Wisconsin Government 12 18 2014

Criminal Wisconsin Government 12 18 2014

Essentially it amounts to this,  "We are not testing every single of 6,000 sexual assault DNA evidence kits because we didn't raise taxes on the very rich to have the money to do so!"

So if indeed you raised taxes on the very rich you would find out some of those test kits implicate them in sexual assaults.


One more thing I can't stand it Government officials making real estate development deals.  It was in the news in Port Washington, it happened in Whitefish Bay, and they want to sell that parking garage by the Lake Front to Northwestern Mutual Life.  It is almost as if they put a patsy in as Milwaukee County Executive so that it would happen in exactly that way! 

Here is how a man thinks.  If a Corporation has an altruistic goal of developing a land place for the public good then they should just donate the money to do so.  They have the money already or they wouldn't offer to buy it.  And because they have the money and for some reason the Government doesn't it means they need to be taxed for that amount of money!

Do I not like the rich?  They are mentally defective from socialite parent drinkers since birth!

I find a lot of criminality in real estate deals that redevelop public properties.  That has no place in our Government and our Government needs to maintain independence from it.  They want to buy public lands from us it means we should raise taxes so that we the public can be the ones who make the changes and benefit from them.  Not a bunch of ghouls!

You don't raise taxes on the rich and it causes inflation doesn't it!  Do you see how it happens per the above?  Government functions shut down and are staffed by those who don't belong there.  At which point the will of the wealthy dominates.  It happened in France.  It ended with the beheading of the wealthy who bought their way into Government.  Again, they would not pay taxes but they would buy a powerful government seat??  We need to get all of that out of the United States.  Something called a direct train to Mexico.  Once they get there they can avail themselves of private relocation service businesses!  Where is the closest airport south of the border in Mexico?  We don't want one close by because it would serve as a military threat to us!

When you refuse to tax the rich it really means you have to work a lot less as a Governor doesn't it!  "I ('we' he will say) can't do any of that because we don't have the money for it."  And that right there is why not one red cent should be in any Politics in any part of the United States!  The rich buying a Governor so that he doesn't raise taxes on them or impose environment or illegal immigrant worker fines?  When that is what it is everything degrades, EVERYTHING!

That is Government contrived by the rich for the benefit of the rich.  Do the rich have special needs that the general once normal United States population doesn't have?  Yes!  Many of their children have undiagnosed learning disorders from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Spectrum disorders!

Is JB putting out an advertisement to fund his future political aspirations? As in I only have so many more months as Attorney General and I have control of 6,000 pieces of evidence.  For a political contribution I can make that evidence disappear?  That is how I read it.

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