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Monday, December 22, 2014

Media Propagandized Invincibility of Corruption 12 22 2014 Dontre Hamilton

Media Propagandized Invincibility of Corruption 12 22 2014

Police officers in England do not use guns. What we are finding out in the United States is that allowing a Police Officer to carry a gun is not a substitute for lack of personal integrity! In other words if you can't create a civil environment while wearing a gun how are you ever going to do so without wearing one. It means you never had the personal integrity to be a Police Officer. And what about Police Chief Flynn? I am the only one who believed he should have been immediately gone after the adultery incident!

But what do we always see in television and the movies? The invincibility of corruption in propagandized! We didn't need that fear to have ever been created in the United States! Why not? Because it lessens the foundation of justice! It silences the citizen when they have a right speak and be heard! Here is what Thomas Jefferson said about it, “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent!” That is from arguably the greatest man in the history of the world! You have to carry a gun with integrity otherwise no one will ever listen to you without one.

And what did I see on the news video the other day? Three officers attacking a protestor with what appeared to be brutality. The force that I saw being used could have easily disabled a person for the rest of their life! And what did they look like as they were doing it? They looked like they were playing a fun game where they get to beat people up! They looked like they liked it! What is that indicative of? A punk inciting violence! If you are a man you know very well how a punk incites violence, it has to do with their attitude of malice?

Police Games.

Anyone ever see the movie where the Sheriff stops the teenager by the side of the road. And he obviously has malice towards the teenager. He holds his gun on him in the Triangle Stance and say's to him, “Boy I got a little spec of dirt on my shoulder, you brush it off boy! I am giving you an order to brush the dirt off of my shoulder boy.” And the boy knows all to well that if he reaches towards the Police Officer in any manner he is going to get his brains blown out!

So 27 people said they saw Dontre Hamilton grab the Police Baton from the officer. If any single one of us was sleeping in a public park and someone came up and assaulted us with a baton would we not immediately defend ourselves from being beaten to death with it by taking it away? Now lets say the officer made that Baton EASY to get! You follow me? Make the Baton Easy to take away so that you call pull out your SemiAutomatic Pistol and unload the clip? That is acting with Malice!

What is the process in removing a District Attorney from office?

As to John Chisholm? I believe this man is the man who was at the YMCA in Downtown Milwaukee! I remember the woman he was with was there is no other way to articulate it, Moosehead like! I remember him curling 40 lb weights between laps around the track and staring me down; like he wanted to fight! Now I didn't know that it was him at the time, and I thought he was a rich punk that worked in the Financial District.

But what about the John Doe investigation and the court ordered destruction of evidence.

Now I happen to know that the Mayor has a wife just like that women mentioned above too! Is that why his children are adopted; and I am not even sure they are adopted. So what are they trying to protect? What is really going on here? They are protecting their mentally retarded women! And I know it sounds absurd. But it relates to a Bible phrase, the Jews brought back some women from a war they had won. And they were strange women. After awhile they all got together and decided to do away with the strange women! Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and brain birth defects hit women harder then men because their brains are 10 percent smaller!

Dontre Hamilton and I had one thing in common, “We both here the voices of Moosehead women in our heads!”

I don't even like to write this stuff, but I do it anyway. And I applaud the blacks who are marching! God bless them! God bless them!

But in terms of it being a mandatory felony for killing a Police Officer? The Founding Fathers said that kind of thinking is a big NO, NO! A lot of these Police Officers had former military service. Here is a relevant quote from James Madison, “The means of defense against a foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home!”

Now pay very careful attention to the initial wording here by George Washington, “Overgrown military establishments are under any form of government inauspicious (means unfavorable, detrimental, unsuccessful) to liberty, and are to be regarded as particularly hostile to liberty.”

And we still have not heard the 911 tape of the call from the coffee shop to the Police Force if there was one? They are probably waiting to fabricate one that fits the evidence bill?

Yeah and those Moosehead women, a few of them worked at that Starbucks too. And I know you would like to find it grounds for me having a mental evaluation! I went to that Starbucks once and there were EB-5 immigrants from oil wealthy Kuwait there. And they were being very obnoxious?

But why did I have to mention the Moosehead women? Ever get a cup of coffee that puts you into a comma like state or gives you heart palpitations and dizziness? I think that coffee shop and all the banks and Tea Party Establishments in the City of Milwaukee should be turned into homeless shelters!

And for all I know Dontre could have been a bad guy. The type that repeatedly stalks and harasses women. But I highly doubt it!

But back to the title of the article. Media has propagandized a perception of invincibility of corruption! And that has allowed corruption to foster and propagate! You and I watch a crime drama and think in terms of justice! Here is what you don't know! A mentally defective person watches a crime drama and the corrupt become its role models! You very well know what the psycho males are like but you likely never confronted the psycho defective female minded! If you had to hear their voice in your head for just one day you would be screaming GENOCIDE!

If you go down there to protest you are better off doing so in the daylight rather than when bad people are in their element; hidden actions in darkness!

These are my beliefs!  The men who founded this country never wanted beliefs like these to be silenced!

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2014

Originally published on 12 22 2014 at:

Correction: when I used the term mandatory, I believe I meant mandatory life sentence for killing a police officer.

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