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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Whitefish Bay Property Values Appear to be Coming Down 12 27 2014

Whitefish Bay Property Value Appear to be coming Down 12 27 2014

That as the Stock Market reaches new highs. 18,000.

So if we assume that property values are not manipulated on the local level, like they were with the rigging of the London Interbank Offer (interest) rate that caused the mortgage crisis of ~2007 in the United States, then what determines property values? What someone in the market for a house is willing to pay in your neighborhood.

So what has changed in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin.

  1. A new apartment complex went up behind the main street!
  2. The Whitefish Bay High School is the central office of the Special Education Department of Milwaukee Public Schools per a conversation with a woman walking to work a few years ago.
  3. A new drainage ditch was created at Cahill park because of a flood that caused a lot of rotting type damage in parts of the village.

But as I look at the Whitefish Bay Village Leaves the newsletter put out by City Hall what does it look like to me? It looks like it is marketed to people currently living in the Riverwest Neighborhood. That is what it looks like to me!

But lets look at the list above issues one by one.


A new apartment complex? And the Village Presidents husband is a Real Estate developer that is in on the deal. Wouldn't it be nice if all the village residents got a piece of the pie like he is going to. But if the housing prices are being manipulated by a bunch of Real Estate Saleswomen I always see a table of them when I take my mother out to lunch. Then as the property values come down to lure in more people that are of what they consider a comfortable demographic, then the property taxes should come down too? After all they are based on the value of your property. Can they expect you to pay more when their personal actions have lowered the value of your property? Per my calculations there was plenty of vacant apartment space before that building went up? Do men like apartment complexes going up in their neighborhood? No! Why not? Just seem to be a nuisance of residents that are not of the caliber of the neighborhood! Actually I personally believe that anyone who likes living in an apartment doesn't have as much class as those who don't like them! Essentially a monkey tree with walls to me. Attracting residents who don't have money to buy a house at the current values in your neighborhood; and that lowers property values.

Many stories to tell. I can remember that when I was a boy I went to a friends house. Then we visited his young adult neighbor who lived in the small house next door. And from my memory that neighbor was providing pot to my friend. What am I getting at? Perhaps you never let children under 18 in that apartment complex or any one of them in the Bay without their parents?

I will also tell you a story about Chicago. The South Side of Chicago used to be all Jews I am told. One day (or year) they had just had enough! All the houses went up for sale and they moved out of that neighborhood. Today it is a crime ridden epidemic heroin district. Indeed it was when Barrack Obama lived their too!

Perhaps when residents share the eyes of someone it is best that that someone is always happy in the process of it? The opposite could lower property values?

Is Whitefish Bay getting a bad name for some reason and that is lowering property values? What have I stated is going on here that should never be going on anywhere in the United States? It would be wise to listen to me.

  1. Special Education. You might think that child that can't learn is the cutest thing in the world. But men think about the issue a lot differently. They think that child is receiving privileges and tax payer money that it doesn't deserve! They really think that child would not make a good “on par” friend to any son or daughter I have! So there is indeed a great difference between a persons willful and self serving perception and reality. Our Wisconsin Government made it very easy for them to live in wealthy neighborhoods, and that is a threat to the middle class. You want to believe it is a certain way, and that you can sustain the neighborhood too. The reality is no one wants to deal with your problems and they resent you! How can you tell a normal child not to learn by comparison? It is natural! What isn't natural is to have your normal child suppress their emotions whether they be instinctively laughing when an idiot makes a mistake or hatred for the bullies who do not belong in their classroom? So yes that causes conflict!

  1. Resulted from poor planning? Do you really want a series of village Presidents that don't have the ability to look forward? Do you want ones that create ordinances whereby you can't put solar panels on your roof if someone decides they are not aesthetically pleasing! Had we been able to put them up there we would not have seen the fixed income sustaining Utility industry pass legislation whereby we are fined for doing so. What does that mean? It means brave American sons and daughters went off to an oil war and came back really screwed up, missing limbs and mental trauma! All villages should have gone to what is called Purple Pipe a long time ago! But instead that money went so that the parents of genetically defective children could still live in your suburban neighborhood. It totally defeated natural forces of democracy didn't it! Real Bad!  *******************************************************************************************
    When I was a boy four of us were busted for underage drinking as we came out of a party. The German son who gave it to us and also tried to sell us pot came after us individually and made us pay the fine for one of us telling upon him. One time he is said to have a gun. This was back in 1984 or so. But it was around that time I learned that the Bay had an easier drug policy than the city! It was a misdemeanor to have a little pot when the laws were much stricter elsewhere. And indeed when I went to Catholic School down the block it was in about the 5th grade that they offered me pot and booze in the Boy Scouts. They also attempted to rape me. But the one kid had an English surname Taylor. And I always wondered where kids got the drugs! Very disturbing. I have never been a user of pot or any other narcotics. And that troop was ended. So what is the point? Why was satanic behavior fostered at the private Catholic School? That has absolutely no place in United States neighborhoods! And from what I have heard today the kids are so mean to the school lunch servers, I mean real mean! What am I getting at? There are still spoiled rotten brats here and it hasn't changed at all, in fact it has gotten much worse! So what do children need that they are not getting in their homes? In a word proper discipline! But it is like a friend whose father ran a camp once told me, it never fails the parents are so strict and the kids turn out like 5417! What am I getting at? It is like fake and unmeaningful discipline that isn't effective; it amounts to a projection of self pity onto their children, or rather the hope that if they talk to their children in a manner they believe that an adult should talk to a child that it will make a difference? It likely doesn't because that kid is mentally defective because the parents drank during conception, preconception or the woman while pregnant! That is my theory and it is highly consistent with a documentary I watched on Youtube that stated the School System in the United States really changed into an experimental setting in the 1940's. All well and good but empirical evidence tells us that it has created well entrenched generations that should not be in political power! Not only that it has created generations who need more and more drugs legalized in order to supplant happiness that a normal child or adult experiences from honest achievement! A new world order isn't obtained by bringing in foreigners with EB5 wealth to add to that class of spoiled brat whose behavior cannot be modified by traditional parenting! And nor does the FDR concept of one must surrender their individuality for the sake of industry allocate careers and jobs to those deserving of them! It is a communist wealth concept, and Putin did indeed state that 85% of the founders of Communism were Jewish. I am not trying to be anti-Semitic, I don't need to hear those spoiled voices in my head! Get it?

So that village letter looks like it is being marketed to River West residents. And how did that neighborhood degrade just like South Chicago? What is wrong with recognizing the source of your mind and giving proper credit to it for it providing you with everything? What is wrong with Honest Abe or Washington Government in the United States?

When people don't know their own mind they like to assume that it believes what their will does? The reality is quite different than that!

Can we possibly bring back freedom in the United States? Do you think you have the courage to man up to it? Do you think you have the courage to protect the United States Constitution?

I wrote it again! Hateful things, an image of not how things should be but rather a negative projection of the bartenders daughters that find it necessary to talk to me so that no one can ever prove that they are? The home of the brave right? No.

And what did a man on the Bible radio say the other day? He implied per Biblical prophecy that the United States would completely be destroyed. Then he also said we are not to interpret the Bible to mean what we think it should because that is what he was told at the seminary. Oddly enough he didn't conform to what was told to him by a higher authority did he! But yet he believes he has reached the point of religious license whereby he can break the rule while professing the rule. See that is just the kind of oddity the United States is experiencing today!

You know what it is like? Hey that Journal Writer that lives kitty corner from me and would not write a book review of my first novel “The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper”...well there is an article in the paper about a man in Riverwest who forges his own custom hammer heads for sale, and doesn't it resemble the work I did and published here a long time before;

But for some reason those voices don't want me to perfect novels and books I have written. It is mean spirited far worse than black balling; a crime against humanity! And has no place anywhere in the World!

Oops.  I wanted to say the Village Newsletter really looks like its use has been to market the new apartment complex.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2014

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