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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Questions for Homosexuals 12 14 2014

Questions for Homosexuals 12 14 2014

For the lesbian, what makes you think that you are entitled to seduce women who are not initially lesbians?  Where does that belief come from?  What beliefs do you use to justify that belief?

It seems like abnormal aggression to me.  Why isn't it classified as abnormal aggression?

And what are the emotions of satisfaction when one woman seduces another?  What is the mental verbal language?  I can add one more to my scorekeeping?  What is scorekeeping like that?  I kept one woman from a natural heterosexual life?

Is the belief system concurrent with other beliefs some might classify as spoiled?

With regard to homosexual males  I Believe it is just plain wrong and that it has something to do with a weak father.

The abnormality comes from that you are entitling yourself to something that "people" should not be entitling yourself to.

It seems consistent with a believe that you deserve something that you don't.  And that is the nature of spoiled.  Did a mother or father in your family prey on people and that is why it is considered normality to you. 

Do you feel that there was a time in your development where you needed either validation or straightening out and a proper parent figure was not their for you?

I believe there is evidence that there might be a serotonin gene regulation defect that cause this.

But lets just say for the sake of argument that it is an abnormal aggressive or aggressive/passive believe system then we as the public have to ask, what are the dangers of allowing other belief systems that are brought forth by you to be normalized?

Now I just saw two Gay people on television.  And I have to ask what is the danger to the public of their being gays that do not openly admit it?

This line of inquiry comes from John Hinkley junior shooting Ronald Reagan because he  had a fixation on Jodie Foster?  A man has a fixation on a lesbian and doesn't know she is a lesbian?  They don't know each other and never will.  And I am not accusing anyone of anything.  But I have to ask wouldn't it be fair if Hinkley had known, in some metaphysical way we don't yet completely understand?

Maybe I will just put it this way, you are a red blooded American man and find out a woman star that you admired is a lesbian; isn't it a mild source of depression to you?  Does there not come over you a wave of sadness upon that revelation?  That is how it is with me.  Not only that it is a very oddness that comes with that. 

Perhaps it should always be publicly known.

I sit and watch a Packer game today and watch a very strong man with long hair tug at his bangs like a woman does when she is flirting and that bothers me!  Then I see an opposing team member easily push him to the ground and take the thunder from him.  That is just my human nature to like to see some arrogant people be put in their place like that?

Those who can do, and those who can't act!  That seems more to the core of the truth than "Those who can do, and those who can't teach!"  Why?  If you can't do you can't really teach can you; hence it is really just acting based on up to a point knowledge?  Those who can do can apply knowledge.  Those who cannot do just read a script?  So what this seems to lead to is an unnecessary plateau of civilization?

Are there emotions of rebellion against sexual norms in gays and lesbians and what are the origins of them?

I don't consider myself to be a passive person, but I am heterosexual.  And I am probably passive; but more or less I will say it comes from hearing voices.  I like my sense of humanity.  I like who I am and how I think.  I like me.

What are the emotions that conflict with you liking yourself?

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