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Sunday, December 21, 2014

U.S. Imports from North Korea 12 21 2014 updated

U.S. Imports from North Korea 12 21 2014

Are there any?

And are goods from South Korea sometimes made in North?

Very questionable.  The U.S. is exporting to North Korea so the question is valid!

The number of imports from North Korea to the United States is either 241 billion or 197.5 billion.  Look on the right side of the page at that link!  I would say that is substantial! And those are labeled October results so that could be for only one month or rolling forward 12 months.   Who is the United States makes the profit from that 200 Billion?  $200 Billion at a operating margin of 10% equals $20 billion dollars.  Who in the United States makes that money?  What U.S. managed import company or distributor? 

Wait I have those figures wrong.  According to that chart we have bought nothing from North Korea since 2004. 

Is my interpretation a sign of personal stupidity?  No there was a loud and mean voice that for some reason only I could hear interrupting me while I was reading and researching that!  One wonders how much that voice has been detrimental to the United States economy?  It has to do with former high school dunce jocks playing a childhood game for a living on the Sabbath?  What if those who participated in professional sports were allowed to receive absolutely ZERO income from it?

And those above figures can't be correct or I am misreading them because on Wikipedia it states that North Korea only exported a total of 4.707 Billion in 2011 and had GDP of about $40 billion.

And this is a country that repeatedly threatens the U.S.?  I think what this amounts to is worldwide collaboration of satanic Government officials!

We should never have to put up with military threats like this that infringe on our daily freedoms, Constitutional Rights and progress related to civilization!  Enough!

If you don't respect me I do everything in my power not to buy from you!

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