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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dontre Hamilton 12 20 2014

Dontre Hamilton 12 20 2014

I seem to remember reading that there was someone who called the police about this man loitering in the park and that it was an employee of the Starbucks.  If that is true I believe the public needs to hear the mandatorily taped 911 conversation of that call.

I am going to create a series of petitions regarding establishments and their management who should never have a Corporate Charter in the United States ever again.

The Catholic Church will be one of them. The evidence is in that they sexually molested a great many United States children.  I also want those priests and those who were responsible for them deported.  But they may not go  back to Ireland!  Perhaps they will be required to stay in Vatican City and share a room with Pope Francis, until he decides to use religious authority.  A business that makes laundry detergent that looks like candy.

Any business making a drug that has led to deaths such as Tylenol or Morphine which is used to kill people in Hospice operations will be another.

An automobile air bag manufacturer or company that uses one in its cars that creates a shrapnel burst will be another.

Any coffee shop chain that I have attended whereby afterwards I have gotten heart palpitations or a sickness from a poorly wiped countertop will be another.

Tobacco and Alcohol companies will indeed be another because they both Cause cancer.

Antipsychotic companies will be another because of the early death from heart failure they have caused.  And there is not going to be any of a trade off of lessened symptoms argument either.

None of the actions of any of the people in the above examples represents the thinking of responsible MEN!  After they lose their corporate charter I would want them deported for the same reason you don't want a sexual victimizer of children living in your neighborhood!  For those reading this from a time capsule there are zoning laws currently in place that state they cannot live in certain neighborhoods.  And it is like the Ireland example above, you wouldn't wish them on people that you love from other countries either, would you!

We don't create employment so that a person who is wearing facial metal attachments and tattoos' all over can prepare and serve us food!  We don't create employment whereby the products alcohol and tobacco can cause children to be born with mental retardation!  That is employment whereby the managers are not earning money because they are creating liabilities to civilization that far exceed any money they ever took from it!  And we don't allow a national coffee chain to serve that same substance, alcohol, that is the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere!

So if by default you don't allow people who would engage in activities that violate your rights what danger will they pose when they are not working???  If they are up to complete no good while working how bad will they be when they have ample free time because you don't want them near your family? The answer to that means deportation!


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If this is what they do while they are employed how much greater do we need to fear their idle mind after they have so much money they no longer need to work!

The Pope talks about feeding the poor.  Would you ever want a man accused of sexually victimizing children in charge or as part of the operations of a Catholic Church turned into a homeless shelter soup kitchen!  NO!  Bad to the bone is bad to the bone!

So if indeed your dark blackened heart tends to agree with me on some of these issues then you know we need to make positive change happen soon and in a civilized manner; so review and sign my petitions!

And to a much smaller level of sponsorship here:

Did anyone notice that the highway those who were picketing for Dontre Hamilton on was to be closed down for construction at 11pm that same night?  I think I got that fact right, but I will have to check it as the televised news was negligent by not giving us a map.  It is almost as if it was internally organized to snare people into being arrested and violent conflict!  The news did indeed say that there were people there from out of state who might have a different cause that might be in an amongst the supporters of Dontre Hamilton and his family!  Do you know how they do it?  They go to one of those employment places and pay people $10 a crack to participate in machinations!  Temporary employment agencies should be outlawed.  That should be another petition!  They have full time work in China but if you have a college degree in the United States and are more than qualified to work in your field they will smear your face with that temporary employment provision to the hilt!  We need a workplace that is fair that means no managers that have a serotonin receptor genetic defect (reads mean), and that also means one that is fair to employers; no potheads or uncultured dirt grunge!
 No human being should ever be subjected to a voice in their head telling them what to do, what not to do, etc.  That is communist filth that doesn't belong in the United States!

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