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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Dontre Hamilton and the Police Union 12 24 2014

Dontre Hamilton and the Police Union 12 24 2014

So if a member of the Police Union or 1% of the Police Union does not agree with the head of the Police Union on the killing of a homeless man; is that man or 1% of the Police Force going to face pressure to be “OFF” the Police Force?

Highly Likely!

So in effect the Union did not protect the very workers that paid for it! So why should it ever be allowed to exist!

Should the police union comment on Police Practices? The head of the Police Union didn't cite a reference to any manual when he spoke for the 99% of them! He didn't point to somewhere in a book and say, “See here is how he went by the Book!”

Should the Police pay to be able to decide what their procedures should be? No! NEVER!

When does the on the job learning experience of a Police Officer really amount to a betrayal of the criminal justice system?

They can lobby for things like a living wage, they receive one already! They can lobby for better protection! Seeing Officer Manny had a baton and let Dontre Hamilton have it but for some reason not his gun? You never give up your weapon! If you are not strong enough to wield a weapon so that you don't give it up then you should not be yielding it! A baton is a deadly weapon! One blow on the head can cause a brain hemorrhage and death! Apparently Manny didn't consider that!

Now Manny that surname initially sounds Irish to me, but I bet it is really Polish! A truncated Polish name made to sound Irish like? I am speculating!

Now you complain that you are putting your lives on the line? Well if you don't like that then you find another job don't you! Otherwise it is considered that is the best job you could ever have and you better do it by the book if you want to keep it! Better you work on a factory floor than you betray the freedom of the United States!

What right do you have to even nudge a homeless man sleeping in the park with your deadly weapon? Where are they supposed to go? To keep on walking until they fall over dead from exhaustion? No one seems to express any shame for this! Not even the mayor!

Is there any homeless person that hasn't been labeled mentally ill?

I wouldn't like them sleeping in the park in front of my home, but this was the business district! This is where all the tough and insulting dog faced para professionals work! This is the Business District where the London Interbank Offer interest Rate was fraudulently manipulated and rigged to create a mortgage “crash” whereby people lost their homes and became homeless!

When we don't see the homeless does it mean that they have been killed? How many died of brain hemorrhages? We will never know just as an India Indian American women who was a coroner forged over 10,000 autopsies!

There should be psychotic tests of Police Officers by Internal Affairs to determine what they really think of all members of the public who they are paid to protect and serve!

Do you know that Organized Crime is established via the concept of I will do something for you but at some point in the future I am going to call on a favor from you! I mention that as I wonder if a Police Officer gets some kind of a bonus from Networked Crime for causing a brain hemorrhage of a homeless person? You will never see the money exchange hands because it is the Favor Network! As in my Union will look out for YOU!

Does the serve part of Protect and Serve mean that officer Manny should have bought the homeless man a bagel from the Starbucks in Red Arrow Park; rather than killing him with $18 dollars worth of taxpayer paid for ammunition?

Was Dontre Hamilton killed by what the Pope just defined his Curia to be, “Existential Schizophrenics?” ??? Anyone catch that 2000 year Revelation that Pope Francis just made? The Pope just defined who satan was!

The Schizophrenic hears the voices of the Existential Schizophrenic in his head!

Are Officer Manny or other Police Officers, the Mayor, the Sheriff, the County Executive, the Governor and even the President of the United States Existential Schizophrenics? I am going to make that assertion!

That is the Holy Grail that the Pope will no longer condone! He could and should be made a Saint just for that 2000 year change in church policy!

The way that you bring peace to a country and the world is to remove and segregate, if possible, the “Existential Schizophrenics!” The term means that they live double lives! The reason they live double lives is that they have a mental defect whereby they can not life their own single minded life! A double life indicates the defective mind of a child in an adult; their own mind and as they age a reactionary mind to what was their imaginary friends life. That second life is the life of their chosen God Father! Their own life and the legitimate human being whose minds are, to use Bible terminology, “tempted” by voices!

What kind of beast lives and thinks among humans as an adult, by tempting their minds with voices 24 hours a day? It is one race less than human isn't it!

And what does the beast want to do? Intrude in your mind so that it hears your mental voice and can say it's really the victim and the person, a legitimate human being, the one who it is a primary beneficiary of human conscious life in; is really the he/she has the problems! It isn't true!

Normal people do not live by reacting to the thoughts of human beings that are being tempted in real time by the beast!


A photovoltaic solar panel can only be produced under the most pure lab standards and environment! The human brain is the same way and alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere! (AKA and rephrased to fraudulently hide the definition under the terminology of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.) They serve it at mass every week so that the Roman sloth Curia can continue to create a Kingdom of the Mentally Retarded!

Both of my parents were born during Prohibition and neither drank while they concieved me; I suppose that makes me a person with the mind of a prophet that the ancient (only?) Jews first “Tempted” and then killed in Genocide! “Tempted” is the equivalent of “hearing voices.”

And I am starting to experience fear because of my expression of free speech! I see it when I go shopping. Big odd men who do not act like emotionally mature adults are starting to stand in my way. I know from my experience in bar hopping that they when they have the grin of a bad dog on their face that if you accidentally nudge them or they accidentally nudge you that they are going to want to start a fight! That is a punk looking for trouble! We should never have to put up with illiterate adults who act like punks looking for trouble! Whatever discipline such people learn in grade school they immediately lose when they tip the whiskey bottle. I am not afraid of being harmed as I am very strong. However I am afraid of being set up to look like I caused violence when really I would be defending myself against a low life punk!  I believe the term is baiting!  Those who bait for violence not only do not belong on the police force they do not belong in the United States! Now the devils advocate would like to declare everything contrary to their self serving personal belief system as being a delusion!  The devils advocate wants to have complete subjective authority over your freedom to think!  Something about freedom of speech expression emotionally disturbs them?

So you decide what kind of country you want! If you don't want a Government that conforms to the United States Constitution, if you all agree on the corruption of the feeble minded, I would be happy to leave this domicile to where the United States really exists!

Otherwise in order to protect the United States Constitution and the future of humanity I believe we might need euthanasia!

Does anyone really care if you were the star high school athlete or if you were the high school dropout that faithfully served your country by enlisting in the armed forces in times of peace; when you threaten our communities by acting like a drunken punk as an adult? No!

I don't even like to write this. So why do I? Maybe I just want you to know who I am and what I believe in; before my life is cut short not by my own doing, will or action! It is a fact that people who hear voices are 13 times more likely to be a victim of violence than a perpetrator of it! Do you see why we end up homeless? Because we don't resort to violence in order to get ahead in life! I would declare that is how every human should be, but that is not the standard today!  It's not paranoia it is justifiable concern.  And the basis for that justifiable concern is my expressed belief system and indeed my natural state of being; a human being capable of independent thinking!  I have no imaginary friends to declare!

My writing is more like it is for Gods reading, hence it is really like a prayer to God isn't it?

My biological parents who married each other and loved each other and stayed married until death did them part did not conceive me to live someone else's life!  Nor was I conceived so that others could live my life!

Do you think that the members of the Police Union do not know the identity of the members of the Union that didn't agree with them, that one percent?  Like a dog that knows who its master is they do!

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

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