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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Jubilee and a Oscillating Short Wave EMF Form 12 21 2014

Jubilee and a Oscillating Short Wave EMF Form 12 21 2014

If you have ever seen a real time brain scan electric graph of the brain that represents the electrical flow of synapses across regions of the brain then you realize that connected memory structures of higher brain functions are longer electric waves or synapses. Much like how the Mississippi River flows through North America rather than the pig runoff in a small farm creek.

What would short wave oscillating form EMF do? It would prevent those long brain waves from occurring and therefore prevent either learning at a young age or memory recall of an adult!!! The mechanism of action would be by “clipping” them with a highly attenuated pulse that negated the synapse, in real time, before it fully developed to encompass all memories from learning!

It could not only be directed at homes but also at your shopping centers!

Two words immediately come to mind, “Gas Chambers!” But in lei of that “Jubilee!” Jubilee means that everyone's debts are forgiven! But we don't forgive them without the promise of repenting from those who indeed created that debt for you and the country!

Could this technology be aimed at your house to make a form of mental retard out of your child? Without a doubt!

Could 2.4Ghz Wireless Microwave Routers be scaled up in power so that any larger pulses of the technology would not be detected by the FCC; if indeed they wanted to? Yes!

How do I know? I can hear it! Not only can I hear it, I have seen the device that is used to create it! Can it be used to create the symptoms of schizophrenia? Without a doubt! ,Would those who profited from the use of it be subject to the greatest anti-defamation lawsuit in the history of the world that would bankrupt them for good? Yes; and rightly so!

Who done it? Low grade imbeciles with strong verbal manipulative ability... Bar flies! Is the brain wave of a dyslexic person with strong verbal manipulative ability, by some accounts there are 43 million of them in the United that brain wave truncated or short form? Without a doubt it has to be because they were not able to learn; they had a learning disability otherwise known as mental retardation!

Who would do this to a human being! There is no historical basis for your assertions Thomas! No you are very wrong about that! Witness what was said about Jesus Christ in the Book of John by those who despised him for his well developed intelligence. He came from Galilee to put the quote in perspective, “Never let a profit rise from Galilee again!” That is vindictive horror against human beings! What does it really mean? Control the development of intelligence in that city so that they are all mentally retarded or victimized through trauma! The list of groups that don't belong in the United States is longer than the number of lights on a Christmas Tree!

But they got very clever about it! First they entrained their own brains on the normal minds with higher cognitive ability and then they use that technology to depolarize those minds! How would you like to be married to a beast of a person like that? And what good does it ever do to teach a low grade imbecile how to talk when they will never be able to use their own higher brain function because they don't have it because it couldn't develop from a defective hippo-campus? Sure you learned how to talk but you never learned how to think! What a danger you pose to human civilization!

Hey that fat cheeked bulging eyed low grade imbecile is convinced that you are his imaginary friend and that you need him!  How truly blessed you are the "church" will tell you!  I want the Pope to retract all Catholic Priests from the United States along with 2 generations forward and backward in their family line!  I want the Queen of England to do the same with all Protestant faiths!  So that is a petition to create!  The alcohol that they promote at every single mass causes mental retardation through fetal alcohol syndrome!  That is the method they used to prevent a profit from arising in Galilee; and throughout the world!  What a horror religion is and was!  Propagandize the drink that causes Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Mental Retardation (including dyslexia) at every mass!  They have a lot to be ashamed about!

Sign my petition so that we can learn if any of those 1600 Nazi's given freedom in the United States in the CIA Operation Paperclip were involved in Psychiatry or Torture!  I am telling you that knowledge would be a great Revelation!  Never let a profit arise in the United States again is what Franklin Delano Roosevelt whose family money came from the opiate trade with China believed in???  I believe that to be true!  He also re-legalized alcohol which is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere! 

Has the technology also been used to manipulate court room decisions?  Without a doubt!  Sign the petition here; and save the world!

Dictionary Definition of Jubilee

However Jubilee is no good if those who attained property borrowed very heavily to attain it just before the Jubilee!  So do you see how it was used in corruption!  It therefore can only be applied in Robin Hood style!  So property borrowed heavily against would indeed belong to the public in Jubilee!  That means all of the high rise buildings!  Cures homelessness real fast!  But we aren't about doing good things in the United States anymore so it will never happen!

Would Pope Francis really like to sleep in a massive barn like barracks with all the sexual victimizers of people that the Catholic Church and others unleashed on the world?  That is something I want to put to the test!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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