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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Is this Brett Favre or not? 12 11 2014

Is this Brett Favre or not?  12 11 2014

I like Brett Favre.

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I was viewing images of Gorillas after looking at that famous comedian who drugged all those women... at his eyes.. they are the opposite of cross eyed.   And I came across that Gorilla that comically reminded me of the post Confederate South Brett Favre.  Believe me when I tell you people hate me!

  Why was I viewing them?  There is always something scary that I see in their faces.  And I think it might be  The opposite of cross eyes!  Where the eyes point outward rather than crossed.

A cat breeder on the internet states that it is from inbreeding.

Take the test.  Look at photographic images of Gorillas looking straight at you!  Do they not or a great majority of them look to be the opposite of cross eyed?

What does this mean?  Does it mean that the Gorilla is really a De-Evolution of the Human Being?  I believe it!  I believe it! This supports creationism!  Oh sure a scientist will tell you that as we descended from trees and looked out onto the plains to see way out there we evolved to not have outward cross eyes?  That the outward cross eyes were really there to help us see quickly around and about in trees. 

Back to my Primate Psychology Website.
Some monkey's hunt down smaller monkey's in trees and eat them.
Some monkey type species also have sex with all the other monkeys in the trees no matter what age or sex.
Gorillas raise their children in groups by females while the alpha males are out hunting.  And when an alpha male comes into a new tribe he kills all the young because it makes the females more receptive to breeding.  To put it more graphically, at the "psychotic" level of the animal, it makes the females horny after he kills their young!

I don't want to write the next part, about the chain of devolution and what the two things in the middle between me and that Gorilla with the black face are.  Some scientist can do that!  I don't want to take it that far because I don't want to believe it.  By I do indeed hear howling voices!

But these are INDEED my beliefs and I have the right to express them as such!

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Extropia is the word I was looking for?  It is referred to as divergent squint?  That can't be right because there isn't a squint!

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